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10:21 AM

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Good morning everyone and hope you all are enjoying your Saturday! I had a request to style the Pilcro Stet Slim Straight in Pink. I love this pair of colored denim! The color is lovely in person and goes with so many items in my closet. You can see my REVIEW HERE and OOTD HERE. I also own these in the Gold colorway and I recently purchased the Yellow colorway which got cancelled this morning and completely disappeared off the website and is showing out of stock. I'm confused as all colors/sizes were in-stock yesterday and I ordered these back in December. I wrote Anthro so I'm hoping they can tell me what happened. The First Set is casual, with a colorful blouse and gold flats. You could wear this out shopping, to the movies or hanging out with friends. The Second Set is more elegant and dressy. You could wear this out to dinner with the girls or on a date with your guy. The Third Set is elegant and fun. You could wear this out shopping with the girls or to a movie and dinner date. Do any of these looks catch your eye? If you want me to style something for you, email me.

Styling Set 1 (Click photo to see Polyvore)
Pilcro Stet Slim Straight, sim HERE, HERE
Style# B22527774, Pink, $49.95

Titan Blooms Top
Style# 23564842, Navy, $98

On-Your-Toes Flats
Style# 22788293, Silver, $138

Threaded Chevrons Necklace
Style# 23931025, Assorted, $48

Eiffel Point Earrings
Style# 23917891, Purple, $48

Styling Set 2 (Click photo to see Polyvore)
Pilcro Stet Slim Straight, sim HEREHERE
Style# B22527774, Pink, $49.95

Fresh As Air Top
Style# 23912223, Ivory, $78

Tegu Platforms
Style# 22814719, Brown, $168

Lapsed Meridian Necklace
Style# 23954811, Gold, $48

Riveting Hoops
Style# 23970338, Gold, $32

Styling Set 3 (Click photo to see Polyvore)
Pilcro Stet Slim Straight, sim HEREHERE
Style# B22527774, Pink, $49.95

Scrawled Rain Blouse
Style# 23125115, Black Motif, $118

Canvassed Cork Wedges
Style# 23137367, Black, $158

Drapery Chain Necklace
Style# 24012692, Gold, $58

Comfits Earrings
Style# 23690845, Black, $32

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