Anthro 411: How to purchase hidden items & how many are left in your size?

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As most of you know, Anthro has their sales usually on Tuesday morning at 12:00am (PST). I always post the sale items on this blog around 1:00am-2:00am (PST) so you can easily browse what's on sale each week. I'm guilty of staying up to scope out what is on sale and if anything is good, I immediately buy it. There are many items that sell out within hours. Here are ways to make sure you get the items you want even after they sell out.

Add any item you are remotely interested in to a wishlist. You will then be able to see the hidden item pop back online if you can't buy it before it sells out online.
1. To make a wishlist, you must have an account through the Anthropologie website.
2. Go to and click sign in, under account.
3. If you have an account, you can enter your email and password on the left and press submit, or if you don't have an account, enter your email address, and desired password twice and click submit. If you already have an anthropologie account, skip to step 5.
4. Follow the steps to make your new account.
5. Once signed in, click on wishlist under account on the top right.
6. Under My Lists on the right, click Create.
7. You can then name your wishlist, make it public, add shipping information, etc. I have mine private.
8. By default, I believe your wishlist is named Wish List 1, which I kept, but can be changed at any time.
9. Now that your wishlist is created, everytime you see an item that you might ever want to buy or are slightly interested in, instead of adding it to your cart, click on Add to Wishlist which is under the price of the item page. If you have more then 1 wishlist, all of them will pop up and you can add that item to any wishlist you want.
* Be aware that you can only create 5 wishlists, and can only add 500 items per wishlist.
**You can also add 50 items to your shopping cart and click "Save for later" which will take it out of your shopping cart and add it to a list below.

So here's the best part! Let's say there's an item you have on your wishlist and it sells out in your size before you can purchase it. If you really want the item and need to have it ASAP, call Anthro at 800-309-2500 to see if any stores in the US have it in stock in your size. The operator will let you know what stores have it and you can then call those stores and have it shipped to you for free (most of the time).

If you don't want to call the 800 number, you can wait it out to see if it pops back online. What happens when Anthro sells out of an item, you get the dreaded "No longer available" page, but there could be a couple sizes still available that are HIDDEN ITEMS. This is why adding anything you plan on buying to you wishlist is key to getting the items you want. I sign into my Anthro wishlist everyday and see if any of the "out of stock" items, have popped back "in-stock" on my wishlist. If they have, you will see what sizes are back in stock. You can then click add to bag to purchase that item. All the while, if someone just browsing the Anthro site without that item on their wishlist, will most likely never see this item pop back in stock.

Link your Anthro card to your online Anthro account.
You must have an Anthro card! It's free and takes a couple seconds to sign up. You can do in-store returns and price adjustments without a receipt, you get birthday discounts and first looks at new items!

To sign up for an Anthro card, CLICK HERE.
To link your Anthro card to you Anthropolgie online account that you either already have or created above, CLICK HERE.

How many are left in my size? Should I wait it out or buy it now before it sells out?
Many of you probably aren't sure if you should purchase an item online at full price since you aren't sure if it's going to sell out in your size or not before it goes on sale. Once you have your items on your wishlist (explained above), you will see an area for Desired AmountIt is defaulted as 1. I start by changing the items I must have to Desired Amount of 20. No I really don't want 20, but I want to see how many they have in stock. After you refresh the page, and there is no red line that says "Out of Stock." Then you know for sure that they have 20 of that item in your size in stock. You can then rest assured that you don't have to purchase the item right away.

If after you refresh the page and you see a red "Out of Stock" red line, then you can lower the number by 1, to Desired Amount 19 or whichever number you wish. I usually go by 1 and keep refreshing the page by clicking Update underneath the item so I know exactly how many they have in stock in my size. Keep dropping the number and clicking Update until the "Out of Stock" red line disappears. You then know they have that amount in your size left in stock.

You can also set Desired amount to 99. Then press Update. The page will reload and insert the number that is currently in stock in your size. This way is faster then the other methods, but you will still have to lower the number as people start buying the item or re-enter 99 and the new available amount will be inserted once you press Update.

Lastly, you can also just put Desired Amount of 5 for each item, so if the stock in your size drops below 5, there will be an "Out of Stock" red line, and this is a red flag for you to buy the item since it will most likely sell out in your size. Make sure before you buy any item, you change the Desired Amount back to 1. You can do this before you "Move to Bag" or even after it's in your cart.

Well, I hope I gave you all some helpful information! Let me know if you have any questions or add-ons!

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