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Good evening everyone and hope you all are enjoying your Saturday! I had a request to style the Fluted Ponte Dress for Chandra. She said that she needed help styling the dress to be a little more casual. For Styling Set 1, I kept the set very simple and casual by adding a denim jacket, flats and a matching tote. I can see wearing this out to lunch with the girls or your guy, out shopping or to a casual dinner on a Spring or Summer night. For Styling Set 2, I made this set more sophisticated by adding tights, black heels and and a small purse. I can see wearing this to work and then out to Happy Hour or dinner. For Styling Set 3,  I added a cute bee jacket, taupe shoes and gold earrings to play off the yellow tone of the dress. I can see wearing this to the office, out shopping with your best friend or strolling through the city. Do any of these looks catch your eye? If you want me to style an item for you, email me.

Styling Set 1 (Click photo to see Polyvore)
Fluted Ponte Dress
Style# 22880967, Yellow, $69.95

Concise Denim Jacket
Style# 21069075, Dark Denim, $128

Crimped Bow Flats
Style# 22783989, Black, $79.95

Oblong Reflections Necklace
Style# 23711088, Black, $58

Melbu Tote
Style# 22937338, Gold, $248

Styling Set 2 (Click photo to see Polyvore)
Fluted Ponte Dress
Style# 22880967, Yellow, $69.95

Adrienne Heels
Style# 23164486, Black, $90

Color Palette Tights, Black
Style# 22879738, Black, $13.50

Strand-Wrapped Stone Posts
Style# 23414246, Black, $32

Napeague Bag
Style# 23611429, Navy, $98

Styling Set 3 (Click photo to see Polyvore)
Fluted Ponte Dress
Style# 22880967, Yellow, $69.95

Twill Honeybee Blazer
Style# 23835572, Cream, $148

Adrienne Heels
Style# 23164486, Taupe, $90

Coriolis Necklace
Style# 24116915, Black, $58

Twisted Glass Danglers
Style# 23683394, Gold, $38

Melbu Tote
Style# 22937338, Gold, $248

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