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Good evening everyone and welcome to the 17th edition of Reader Outfits: What We Wear. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! If you would like to be included in next week's Reader Outfits, What We Wear, CLICK HERE. As you can see below, I have included some "similar items" that I've found online for the items these ladies are wearing. You will then be able recreate their outfit even if you can't find the same exact items they are wearing.

Check out what these lovely ladies are wearing this week...

Name: Cheryl

Outfit Details
Elevenses Engla Trench, sim. HERE, HERE, HERE
Corey Lynn Calter Ackee Pencil Skirt, similar HERE, HERE
Born Delores Mary Janes, sim. HERE

Cheryl is back again this week wearing such an adorable outfit! I love the red and white square print skirt paired with the trench and floral mary janes. Looking fabulous!

Name: Brittany
Blog: Blonde Brittany

Outfit Details
Moth Oblique Pointelle Pullover, sim. HERE, HERE
Forever 21 Essential Knit Tank, sim. HERE, HERE
Forever 21 Button Skirt, sim. HERE, HERE, HERE
Forever 21 Bracelet, sim. HERE
Ruche Boots, sim. HERE, HERE

Brittany is back again this week looking lovely. I love all of the layers and textures in this outfit and those boots are so cute! This is such a fabulous look and she looks gorgeous!

Name: Elana

Outfit Details
Maeve Ivory Dotted Shell, sim. HERE, HERE
Third Piece Ruby Paths Coat, sim. HERE, HERE
Joe's Provocateur, sim. HERE, HERE
Martingale Boots, sim. HERE, HERE
Holding Horses Polka Rounds Clutch, sim. HERE, HERE
Sudsy Glass Strand, sim. HERE

Elana is a new face this week (welcome!) and is wearing some of my favorite Anthro items. She truly is Head to Toe in Anthro! :) I love the polka dot top and clutch paired with the red peacoat. This is a fabulous outfit I would love to recreate!

Name: Amy
Blog: Lost In The Details

Outfit Details
Weston Wear Dulcie Dress, sim. HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE
Miss Albright Rensselaer T-straps, sim. HERE, HERE
Anthropologie Necklace, sim. HERE, HERE
Ann Taylor Loft Long Sleeve Cardigan, sim. HERE

Amy is back again this week wearing the fabulous Dulcie Dress. I love the floral Anthro necklace (can't think of the name, if you know it, let me know) simply paired with a cardi and t-straps. Looking beautiful!

Name: Vikki

Outfit Details
Postmark Bike Lane Dress
Scala Hat
Beaded Wink Belt, sim. HERE, HERE
Flats, sim. HERE, HERE
Fender Vintage Anniversary Stratocaster

Vikki is back again this week wearing the oh so popular Bike Lane Dress. She is an up and coming artist and wore this dress for a recent photoshoot. I love how she paired it with flats, brown beaded belt, sunglasses and adorable hat. She is definitely rocking it! :)

Name: Mariah
Blog: Mind of Mister

Outfit Details
Loft Button Down Back Sweater
Anna Sui for Anthropologie Terrawatt Skirt, sim. HERE, HERE
Mossimo Keely Heeled Boots, sim. HERE
Merona Tights, sim. HERE, HERE
Martha Stewart Flower Ring, sim. HERE

Mariah is a fresh face this week (welcome!) and I'm absolutely loving this outfit. Everything pairs together nicely and I love the purple tights! I think I need a pair. :) The button back sweater is also adorable and the flower ring pulls everything together. Gorgeous!

Name: Karen

Outfit Details
White House Black Market Cardigan, sim. HERE, HERE
Anthropologie Top, sim. HERE
Hanky Panky Just Lace Tank, sim. HERE
Garnet Hill Knit Flamenco Skirt, sim. HERE, HERE
Garnet Hill Sweater Tights, sim. HERE
Sundance Prophet Boots, sim. HERE
Sundance Necklace, sim. HERE

Karen is also a fresh face this week (welcome!) and is wearing a fabulous tiered skirt paired with a velvet and lace top and cardigan. I love how this outfit can be worn in Winter or Spring just by taking off the cardigan and tights. Very versatile and adorable!

If you would like to be included in next week's Reader Outfits, What We Wear, CLICK HERE.

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