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Good afternoon everyone and hope you all are enjoying your Saturday! I had a request to style the Water's Edge Skirt in blue for Allison. She said that she needed help styling this skirt since she has only worn black with it. For Styling Set 1, I mixed navy and black together as they work together nicely. I can see wearing this shopping with the girls or out to dinner. For Styling Set 2, I created a more soft and feminine look by mixing navy with light pastel colors. I can see wearing this shopping at the mall, a casual lunch or hanging out with your guy. For Styling Set 3,  I created a more dressy, color block look by pairing navy with a beautiful white, feminine top and a fun pair or wedges and purse. I can see wearing this out to dinner with your guy or a lunch with the girls. Do any of these looks catch your eye? If you want me to style an item for you, email me.

Styling Set 1 (Click photo to see Polyvore)
Water's Edge Skirt
Style# 21303326, Blue, $49.95

Suki Sleeveless Top
Style# 23177934, Black Motif, $188

Medano Sandals
Style# 23122450, Black, $88

Pave Posts
Style# 741809, Silver, $24

Lapsed Meridian Necklace
Style# 23954811, Silver, $48

Dazed Cobalt Tote
Style# 24209280, Blue, $348

Styling Set 2 (Click photo to see Polyvore)
Water's Edge Skirt
Style# 21303326, Blue, $49.95

Painted V-Neck
Style# 24270555, Blue Motif, $58

Anna Ballet Flats
Style# 24572794, Rose, $295

Aolani Hoops
Style# 24059420, Blue, $188

Quavered Loop Necklace
Style# 23936172, Silver, $38

Bobbled Clutch
Style# 24120701, Coral, $328

Styling Set 3 (Click photo to see Polyvore)
Water's Edge Skirt
Style# 21303326, Blue, $49.95

Staggered Gleam Top
Style# 23567001, Ivory, $58

Jenni Cork Flatforms
Style# B23614282, White, $248

Marble Waltz Earrings
Style# 24095606, Gold, $32

Astrological Maps Bracelet
Style# 23701956, Sagittarius, $52

Original Still Life Bag, Teapot
Style# A23158140, Assorted, $398

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