Get The Look You Thought You Missed

9:41 AM

Note: Did you see Outfit Inspiration: What the Dress Forms are Wearing and my review of the Bike Lane Dress in Reviews: Round 1?

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Good morning everyone and Happy Friday! This is a fairly new feature, posted previously HEREHERE, and HERE, where I find similar items for you to buy, just in case you missed out on the originals or even want to buy a cheaper, similar version, so you can get the look you thought you missed.

    Mimetic Skirt, circa 2010

Heritage Estate Blouse, circa 2010

Silver Bow Necklace, $15.50Quavered Loop Necklace, $38

Ming, $89
Bold Boutonniere Dress, circa 2009

Ryukyu Blouse, circa 2011

Two Paths Trench, circa 2010

Aunt Rose Penny Loafer, $70 Muted Shades Loafers, circa 2011

July On Mackinac Necklace, circa 2010

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