Get The Look You Thought You Missed

9:36 AM

Reminder: Remember to submit your Reader Outfit! You can find all the details HERE. Can't wait to see what you ladies are wearing this week!

Good morning everyone and Happy Friday! I'm on my way to Anthro today to do reviews for you! Yah! You can see the requests HERE. This is a pretty new feature, posted previously HERE and HERE, where I find similar items for you to buy, just in case you missed out on the originals or even want to buy a cheaper, similar version, so you can get the look you thought you missed.

    Carapace Wedges, $99.95

Windrose Rufflehem Coat, $98.99Harvested Honey Coat, circa 2010

Spinning Lace Dress, circa 2010

Can't Chard-ly Wait Coat, $149.99 Noble Trench, $149.95

Florafall Tights, circa 2009

Clinton Trench, circa 2010

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