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Good evening everyone and welcome to the 16th edition of Reader Outfits: What We Wear. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! If you would like to be included in next week's Reader Outfits, What We Wear, CLICK HERE. As you can see below, I have included some "similar items" that I've found online for the items these ladies are wearing. You will then be able recreate their outfit even if you can't find the same exact items they are wearing.

Check out what these lovely ladies are wearing this week...

Name: Shannon
Blog: Shannon ♥'s

Outfit Details
Lace Affair Vixen in Vines Cardigan, sim. HERE, HERE
Fleur Wood Watercolor Plaid Skirt, sim. HERE, HERE
Seychelles Adrienne Heels, also buy HERE, sim. HERE
Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Karlie Purse, sim. HERE, HERE
Necklace (Gift from Mom), sim. HERE

Shannon is back again this week looking more adorable then ever! I'm loving the blue plaid pattern skirt with the floral cardigan. I love the contrast with the red purse and the yellow heels. Love this!

Name: Cheryl

Outfit Details
Field Flower by Wendi Reed Swoop & Glide Pullover, sim. HERE
Postmark Twisted Ascot Tee, sim. HERE, HERE
Victoria's Secret Pinstriped Pant, sim. HERE
Propet Shoes, sim. HERE, HERE

Cheryl is back again this week rocking the Swoop & Glide Pullover. I missed out on this top and am loving how she paired it with a mustard colored tee and pinstriped pants. I love the different patterns mixed together. Adorable!

Name: Nadja
Blog: My Koo Kloset

Outfit Details
Thrifted Dress, sim. HERE, HERE
Local Boutique Cardigan, sim. HERE, HERE
Miss Albright Rensselaer T-straps, sim. HERE, HERE
Eloise Herringbone Tights, sim. HERE, HERE
Gift Bow Belt, sim. HERE, HERE

Nadja is back again this week wearing an adorable owl dress. I love how she winterized the dress with a cardi and tights. I'm loving the dress paired with the bow belt and the t-straps. So very cute!

Name: Sayaka
Blog: Happily Ever Anthro

Outfit Details
Weston Wear Dulcie Dress, sim. HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE
Hei Hei Jacket, sim. HERE
Miss L Fire Marquee Gemmed Heels
Hansel from Basel Textured Dots Tights, sim. HERE

Sayaka is back again this week wearing one of my favorite dresses ever, the Dulcie Dress. I love the pairing of the blue jacket and yellow bow pumps. They work so well together! And the tights tie everything together! Absolutely adorable!

Name: Brittany
Blog: Blonde Brittany

Outfit Details
Far Away From Close Alabaster Tassels Sweater, sim. HERE, HERE
Forever 21 Essential Knit Tank, sim. HERE, HERE
Silver Skinny Jeans, sim. HERE
Ruche Boots, sim. HERE, HERE

Brittany is back again this wek after being absent from Reader Outfits (Yah!) wearing a very adorable chunky sweater from Anthro paired with skinnies and tall boots. She's rocking the sweater and looks fabulous!

Name: Amy
Blog: Lost In The Details

Outfit Details
Banana Republic Top, sim. HERE, HERE
Yoana Barasch Banded Lace Skirt, sim. HERE
Ann Taylor Loft Shoes, sim. HERE, HERE
Express Necklace, sim. HERE

Amy is back again this week wearing an adorable outfit. She looks stunning in the Banded Lace skirt and I loved it paired with a simple black tee, tights and black heels. Very chic and sophisticated!

Name: Peggy
Blog: She Hath Done What She Could

Outfit Details
one.September Mirrored Deer Tee, sim. HERE, HERE
Mossimo Ultrasoft Cocoon Cardi, sim. HERE, HERE
Old Navy Diva Skinnies, sim. HERE, HERE
Mossimo for Target Kachiri Boots, sim. HERE, HERE
Skystones Necklace, sim. HERE

Peggy has been absent from Reader Outfits for awhile but am so glad she submitted! She looks stunning in the Mirrored Deer Tee and I just love the color contrast and pairing of the red cardi and chunky necklace. Very cute and adorable!

If you would like to be included in next week's Reader Outfits, What We Wear, CLICK HERE.

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