OOTD (Outfit of the Day) | Decisively Textured Pullover

2:25 PM

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Good afternoon everyone and hope you are all having a fantastic day! As I mentioned yesterday, one of my dogs had surgery and is recovering for the next couple of days. The pain medication makes him loopy and walk sideways. It's just a little funny. ;) Thanks to everyone for all the positive energy yesterday! While he was having his surgery, I couldn't just sit around and worry, so I decided to pop into Forever 21 and look around. I ended up purchasing a couple of items. I got the Polka Dot Cardigan, Silky Polka Dot Top, Textured Braided Belt in Brown, Woven Slip Belt in both colors and the Frayed Polka Dot Scarf in Cream/Black. I also tried on the Polka Dot Tie Neck Top although very cute, was just too short and sheer and the Dotted Woven Top, which was also really cute and I love the low cut back, but I was just unsure about the red and white on me. It made me feel very Minnie Mouse. Notice a polka dot trend here? I was almost going to purchase the Rosette Clutch in White, but I decided at the register to pass. It was a very nice day here yesterday, so I decided to wear a colorful outfit. I wore the AG Stevie Ankle in Green, with the Decisively Textured Pullover (which I bought during the 50% off Sweater & Outerwear Sale), and the Liisa Flats. I also wore my hair a little different to mix it up. So, what do you think about the red and white polka dots together? Too Minnie Mouse or cute?

Moth Decisively Textured Pullover  |  Style# 22789234  |  Blue  |  XS  |  $78  |  BUY, sim. HERE, HERE, HERE
AG Stevie Ankle  |  Style# B20471538  |  Green  |  25  |  $99.95  |  BUY, sim. HEREHERE, HERE, HERE
Leifsdottir Liisa Flats  |  Style# 22686448  |  Taupe  |  36.5  |  $99.95  |  BUY, sim. HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE
Spinning Top Necklace  |  Style# 20256350  |  White  |  $19.95  |  Sim. HEREHERE

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