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1:28 PM

When Tara and then Caroline, posted about the Xhilaration® Pleated Button Up Skirt in the Red Bicycles last week, I knew I needed to track one down. Well, today was the day. I went online only to see the Bed Bicycle print was sold out in my size and it said Not Sold In Stores. I don't believe you Target when you say something isn't sold in stores since you've said that before and I've walked in to see racks of that item in-store. I decided to go to my local Target to see if they had the skirts in store and they did! They had most all the colors in stock in all sizes except only an XL in the Red Bicycle print and an XS in the Emerald City. I'm a sucker for anything lace, mint, polka dots or bicycles so this skirt needed to find a way into my closet!

I asked a Target associate to see if any other stores in the area had it in stock and they said another store, about 20 minutes from me, showed 2 in stock in my size. They called and no luck. They said they didn't have anymore in stock. I just couldn't take her word for it as this has happened to me before. I drove 20 minutes out of my way to the other Target and saw the display of skirts. They had tons of Red Bicycle prints in Medium, Large and X-Large, according to the hangers, but none in X-Small or Small. What a waste of a drive right? So I decided to check the tags of the skirts, since I know that sometimes customers put a wrong size on the hanger...and guess what? There was one X-Small left on a Medium hanger! I'm so glad I decided to drive and check for myself! I ended up getting the Red Bicycles and Emerald City.

For the fit, it's TTS. I got an X-Small but I could also have got a Small. The back is stretchy and is slip-on (no zipper). The material is light weight and flowy, but seems to wrinkle easily. Some skirts did have an odor to them which I think is just the dye that was used. The two skirts I purchased didn't smell. The length is good and hits right above my knee. I also love the braided tan belt that comes with it which is darling and can be worn with many different outfits. It looks very Anthropologie, which I love, and has the same old-style bikes as the Two-Wheeler Shirtdress. If you decide to call to see if they have it in stock, make sure you give them this number for them to look it up: 282050742. Ladies, check your local stores for this Target gem!

Red Bicycles Purple Keys
Emerald City Fuschia Jr.
Emerald City Xhilaration® Pleated Button Up Skirt
Style# 13817643
Price: $
Pros: TTS, flowy, print, colors, belt, length
Cons: Wrinkle easily, odor from the dye
Verdict: A
Must, Lust or Back to the rack: A must

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