Introducing...Reader Outfits: What We Wear

5:30 PM

Good evening ladies! Did you look forward to Sunday nights to read the Reader Outfits post? I know I did. I loved seeing that post every Sunday to see all your lovely outfits for inspiration and to see what you were wearing. I thought this feature would disappear and be no more but yesterday, Kim from Array of Anthro announced that she will be continuing Reader Outfits. YAH! I thought about doing this as well, but hadn't thought about how to announce it and thought it might be too soon after everything that has happened this past week. Since Kim decided to announce it yesterday, we talked and decided to make this continued feature a collaboration. This continued feature will be called Reader Outfits: What We Wear. (This post is no longer a collaboration as Kim from Array of Anthro has decided to step down as of now because of some negativity towards us continuing this Sunday feature. You can read about that HERE).

So here are the details to share your lovely outfits with everyone...

If you would like your outfit included, please email me at and please include the following information:

1. Your name
2. Blog URL (If you have a blog and want me to link you)
3. Outfit details (Designer, Name of item, etc., so if the item is still available in store/online, we can link it for others to buy)
4. A photo attached to the email or a link to your photo or blog post with photo

OR you can submit your information below by filling out the form or HERE:

The cutoff date for the for submissions are Sunday morning to be posted that Sunday evening.

I look forward to see every week what you lovely ladies are wearing and share What We Wear.

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