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4:13 PM

Good evening everyone and Happy Monday! I recently got engaged and am on the hunt for the perfect Wedding Dress. I thought I would start at my favorite wedding shop, BHLDN, Anthropologie's wedding line. I tried on about 7 different dresses and have reviews to share. I went to the Anthropologie BHLDN Store in Walnut Creek, CA where Corinne helped me out. She was so helpful, precise and really knew what she was talking about. She made me and my family feel welcomed and we even got to sip champagne while I tried on dresses! First up is the Jolie Gown!
Here is Catherine Deane's Jolie Gown. I am wearing a size 12 here as most wedding dresses at BLHDN are either in size 2 or size 12. I normally wear a size 2 in Anthropologie, but wedding dress sizing is way different. Bottom line, don't be discouraged when trying on a size 12! They are all the same size and you have to get it tailored for your body! Corinne took my biggest measurement, which is my bust and we got the dress size based on that. I would need to get this tailored to fit me  everywhere else. Corinne pulled the dress in every which way and secured it on my body so I could get an idea of what the dress would look like on me. This was one of my top picks to try on as I love the graphic lace and train. It just looks so romantic!

I have it paired with the Lazio Skirt which I would wear during the ceremony and then take off for the reception. It give the dress another dimension of gorgeous. I also tried this combination on with the Ariel Fitted Belt in a size Small. It is so gorgeous in person and breaks up the top and bottom of the lace dress and the tulle skirt so beautifully!

Jolie Gown
Style# 37600996
Price: $1400

Size: 12
Color: Ivory
Pros: Pretty TTS, color, flowy, comfortable
Cons: None
Verdict: B+
Must, Lust or Back to the rack: A must try on!

Lazio Skirt
Style# 37597804
Price: $260

Size: 4
Color: Ivory
Pros: Pretty TTS, flowy, romantic, light
Cons: None
Verdict: A
Must, Lust or Back to the rack: A must try on!

Ariel Fitted Belt
Style# 40172306
Price: $250

Size: Small
Color: Pearl
Pros: TTS, adds sparkle and class
Cons: None
Verdict: A
Must, Lust or Back to the rack: A must try on!

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