Get The Look You Thought You Missed

9:54 AM

Good morning everyone and hope you all had a great weekend! This will be a new feature where I find similar items for you to buy, just in case you missed out on the originals or even want to buy a cheaper, similar version, so you can get the look you thought you missed.

    Learning Curve Dress, circa 2010

Mullany Dress, circa 2010

Red-y To Dance Dress, $99.99 Gracia Dress, $248

Dreamy Drape Dress, circa 2010

Dreamy Drape Dress, circa 2010

Stilled Night Dress, circa 2010

Drifting By Dress, circa 2010

Fetching Fresco Dress, $209.99 Sugared Dress, circa 2011

Blooming Lattice Cardigan, circa 2010

Curlytop Cardigan, circa 2010

Vocal Celebrity Skirt, $103.99
Buy the dress version HERE
Darjeeling Skirt, circa 2010

Swiftly Moving Days Dress, $47.99 Partly Cloudy Top, circa 2009

Also buy HERE, skirt version HERE

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