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Note: I went to Anthropologie yesterday and did loads of reviews for you lovelies. Round 1 will be up Monday. Also if you have any items to add to the Anthro Exchange, please email me.

Hey everyone. Thanks for all of your feedback yesterday about my new post ideas. By request, this will be a new feature, a spin-off of goldenmeans Anthropologie on TV post, where I will post photos of celebrities spotted in clothing from our favorite store, Anthropologie! I know that some of these items are considered "Anthropologie on TV" but for now, I just had to share these pieces with you.

Two Wheeler Shirtdress, Actress unknown

I know this isn't a celebrity, but I just had to share! Late last night while flipping through the channels, I spotted the Two-Wheeler Shirtdress on a Yoplait commercial. I love the red purse paired with the yellow necklace. Two great colors that you can wear with this dress! I'm not sure if this commercial is new or not, since I have never seen it, but if it is new, I love how they are using old classic Anthropologie pieces. You can see my OOTD HERE.

Nostalgic Asterisks Dress, Zooey Deschanel in "New Girl"
I've seen a lot of advertisements for Zoey Deschanel's new show coming to the new Fall line-up on FOX called New Girl. I think she's just so adorable in the Nostalgic Asterisks Dress and the Anthropologie style fits her so well. I'm crossing my fingers for many, many more Anthro pieces in this new show. You can see my Review of the dress HERE and my OOTD HERE.

Lido Light Skirt, Zooey Deschanel in "New Girl"
Here is another advertisement for Zoey Deschanel's new show coming to the new Fall line-up on FOX called New Girl. Another older Anthropologie piece that I'm glad we're seeing. I styled this skirt for Linda a couple months back. I just love the skirt paired with a simple blue tee. Super cute and simple! You can see my Styling Sets for the Lido Light Skirt HERE.

Laureate Headband, Nina Dobrev from the Vampire Diaries
Here is Nina Dobrev from the Vampire Diaries, spotted recently at the Monte Carlo TV Festival wearing the Laurette Headband. This headband looks amazing with her outfit and on her. It really contrasts well her dark hair color. Now I wish I would have picked this up!

Imprint Fossil Maxi Skirt, Dianna Agron from Glee
Here is Dianna Agron from Glee, spotted wearing the Imprint Fossil Maxi Skirt. I love the pattern of this skirt and so sad I missed it. It was an Online Exclusive skirt so I never got to try it on in-store. I love her casual pairing with a blue tee.

Imprint Fossil Maxi SkirtBethany Joy Galeotti from One Tree Hill
Here is Bethany Joy Galeotti from One Tree Hill, spotted wearing the Imprint Fossil Maxi Skirt as well. This skirt looks lovely on Bethany. I love the black tank, scarf, big oversized purse and gladiator sandals. Such a beautiful ensemble.

Instant Classic Tee, Stripes, Olivia Munn
Here is Olivia Munn spotted wearing the Instant Classic Tee, Stripes. This top looks amazing on her! I love the color and the pairing with the black mini skirt and blue heels. I reviewed the Instant Classic Tee, Solid HERE.

Mompos Dress, Taylor Swift
Here is Taylor Swift spotted wearing the Mompos Dress at her concert Meet & Great. Taylor is always seen around wearing the cutest and most popular Anthropologie items. This dress looks so lovely on her! You can see my review of the Mompos Dress HERE.

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