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7:53 AM

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Good morning everyone! This will be a weekly feature where I post { freshly picked } Anthro items. So many lovely items added this week! I am really loving the Looking Forward Top and Glimmer Graph Shell. Do you see anything you like?

Check out these Fresh Picks...

Magnified Ikat Mini
Style# 22817639
Color: Red Motif
Price: $178

Spindle Spun Tunic
Style# 23066194
Color: Lilac, Dark Grey, Ivory, Gold
Price: $128

Charade Heels
Style# 22560114
Color: Yellow, Grey
Price: $268

Iberis Poncho
Style# 23459639
Color: White
Price: $138

Button Belted Dress
Style# 23144546
Color: Green, Navy
Price: $248

In Clouds Blouse
Style# 23297815
Color: Green Motif
Price: $148

Delft Peasant
Style# 22652077
Color: Ivory
Price: $148

Looking Forward Top
Style# 22984280
Color: Grey Motif
Price: $78

Tintype Tunic
Style# 21387790
Color: Grey Motif
Price: $88

Crossweave Tank
Style# 23141195
Color: Blue Motif, Neutral Motif
Price: $78

Eairth Slouchy Slim
Style# 22785638
Color: Khaki
Price: $218

Persian Floral Midi Skirt
Style# 22776926
Color: Neutral Motif
Price: $198

Champ De Mars Earrings
Style# 23168107
Color: Assorted
Price: $48

Rouen T-Straps
Style# 21176417
Color: Green
Price: $368

Veiled Alder Dress
Style# 22887426
Color: Dark Grey, Black
Price: $298

Glimmer Graph Shell
Style# 23106651
Color: Ivory, Green
Price: $158

Clipped Jacquard Blouse
Style# 22815575
Color: Navy
Price: $228

Staring At The Sky Blouse
Style# 20979258
Color: Blue Motif
Price: $148

Alabaster Tassels Sweater
Style# 23067697
Color: White
Price: $148

Gradated Stripes Pullover
Style# 23089709
Color: Grey Motif
Price: $88

Testcard Pullover
Style# 21126701
Color: Multi
Price: $450

Neckerchief Sweater
Style# 23120066
Color: Purple, Navy
Price: $78

Tsuga Skirt
Style# 23461544
Color: Moss
Price: $148

Glasbury Pencil Skirt
Style# 23074586
Color: Red Motif
Price: $148

Red Heron Heels
Style# 22780472
Color: Red
Price: $148

Empyreal Cardigan
Style# 23130420
Color: Ivory
Price: $148

Alary Shirtdress
Style# 22897748
Color: Green Motif
Price: $128

Pinnate Shimmer Shell
Style# 23418627
Color: White
Price: $118

Stilt Striders Skirt
Style# 23302169
Color: Blue Motif
Price: $188

Blackwatch Slingbacks
Style# 20758751
Color: Blue
Price: $348

Hot Air Necklace
Style# 23172679
Color: Green, Blue, Red
Price: $88

Nonchalant Beret
Style# 22580468
Color: Grey, Navy
Price: $38

Iced Latte Necklace
Style# 23418593
Color: White
Price: $48

Olathe Blouse
Style# 22806673
Color: Black
Price: $118

Gem-Dot Robe
Style# 23161045
Color: Neutral Motif
Price: $98

Unconditional Osier Dress
Style# 22804454
Color: Brown Motif, Blue
Price: $168

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