{ I Will } Never Forget

5:30 AM

I will NEVER forget where I was September 11, 2001. If you asked me what I did last week, I couldn't tell you, but on that day, I will never forget. I'm sure every one of you remember exactly where you were when these events happened.

It was a Tuesday morning...just a regular Tuesday morning where I was waiting for my alarm to go off to lazily pull myself out of bed and get ready for another day of high school. But this day was different.

My Dad awoke me in an agitated state, turned on my TV and said, "You have to watch this. This is history in the making." I couldn't believe what I was seeing; the most horrifying images that I've ever seen. Smoke was coming out of the North Tower of the World Trade Center and at that time, the News stations hadn't even confirmed that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. They kept calling it "an explosion."  I called some friends to wake them up as well since they needed to see what was going on. This was an attack on our country, against innocent people and so many people were dying.

Not thinking it could get any worse, I saw the second plane hit. It took my breath away. During the next 90 minutes, I saw people jumping to their deaths as not burn to death, the towers crumble and fall from the fire and plane damage and people running for their lives not to get killed by the falling towers. There was also a plane that hit the Pentagon and another plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. My Brother-In-Laws Mother works in the Pentagon and on the side where the plane hit. Luckily though, she was uninjured. Also, my Jazz teacher's daughter was on the plane that crashed into Pennsylvania. For the next couple months, I was glued to the TV watching the investigation and War on Terror unfold. I cried for all the people who lost their lives, gave their lives to save others and for the families losing their loved ones. I still cry every time I see the images and video from the day and today, as every September 11, I will light a candle to honor those who lost their lives. I will NEVER forget.

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