Anthropologie Dressing Room Requests

3:01 PM

Hello all you Anthro lovers! I am making a surprise trip to Anthropologie this FRIDAY to do some reviews for you. If there is an item(s) you want reviewed, please post a comment with the name of the item or style number. If there is a specific color you want reviewed, please let me know that as well. Looking forward to see what you ladies are eyeing for the upcoming Fall season!

Note: I'm in the process of updating The Anthro Exchange. If you have any items you want to add or that have sold, please email me.

Here are the requests so far...

Agnita Dress
Style# 22870612
Requested by: Christie

Oka Corset Top
Style# 22591119
Requested by: Nina

Obi Trousers
Style# 21170253
Requested by: Sara

Loosened Shelby Blouse
Style# 20964912
Requested by: Sara

Wind Garden Culottes
Style# 21303714
Requested by: Sara

On Air Skirt
Style# 21339601
Requested by: Anny

Diaphanous Pleats Skirt
Style# 23104839
Requested by: Anny

Crimped Crimson Midi
Style# 21370366
Requested by: Anny

Ottoman Poppies Dress
Style# 22500474
Requested by: KL

Sumukhwa Skirt
Style# 22806012
Requested by: KL

Persian Floral Dress
Style# 22774244
Requested by: Diane

Cuffed Tweed Crops
Style# 21170477
Requested by: Anastasia

Sloping Skirt
Style# 21170477
Requested by: Anastasia

Grand Exit Pullover
Style# 23406077
Requested by: Alicia

Sateen Skinny Zip Pants
Style# 21164355
Requested by: Alicia

Horticultural Cardi
Style# 21292917
Requested by: Victoria

Piped Sailor Skirt
Style# 21346499
Requested by: Missy

Last Blooming Skirt
Style# 22755847
Requested by: Missy

Sashed Sweater Skirt
Style# 23114820
Requested by: CJ

Glinting Persica Sweaterdress
Style# 22853139
Requested by: Mary

Interspersed Ponte Dress
Style# 21329024
Requested by: Joy

Test Pattern Sweaterdress
Style# 22755599
Requested by: Joy

Winter Tree Shirtdress
Style# 22646962
Requested by: Joy
Style# 20764015
Requested by: Wendy
Style# 20917746
Requested by: Elena

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