Reader Request | Styling Sets | Wallflower Skirt

2:09 PM

Good afternoon everyone and hope you are enjoying your weekend! I was contacted by Jenny about doing some styling sets for the Wallflower Skirt. I was really drawn to this skirt, not only because of the colors, pattern and texture, but because I think it would be a great piece to wear for Fall. You can easily wear this skirt with beige, ivory, black or brown to have a more neutral look, or you can go bold by wearing dark orange, yellow, red or navy to stand out. I also think this skirt would look fabulous with flats or boots for Fall. If you want me to style something for you, email me.

Styling Set 1 (Click photo to view Polyvore)
Style# 20532016, Orange, $39.95, REVIEW
Style# 20834834, Dark Orange, $58
Style# 21036280, Brown, $168, REVIEW
Style# 23130305, Grey Motif, $18
Style# 23130305, Grey Motif, $18
Style# 23384589, Gold, $58

Styling Set 2 (Click photo to view Polyvore)
Style# 20532016, Orange, $39.95, REVIEW
Style# 21385729, Ivory, $48, REVIEW
Style# 21129770, Brown, $98
Also buy HERE for $89.95
Style# 22620132, Dark Orange, $49.95
Style# 23086614, Copper, $58
Style# 22904726, Red, $48
Style# 21088703, Copper, $32

Styling Set 3 (Click photo to view Polyvore)
Style# 20532016, Orange, $39.95, REVIEW
Style# 22501308, Ivory, $88
Style# 20803235, Gold, $168
Style# 21089396, Gold, $38
Style# 22816722, Assorted, $98

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