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10:02 AM

Note: Kim over at Array of Anthro has decided to keep the Reader Outfits alive! I was also thinking of picking up this feature as well since I know we all loved Sunday nights and seeing all of the lovely outfits you ladies put together. Not only seeing how beautiful you all looked but also for outfit inspiration. Kim is letting me be apart of this new feature she is calling "What We Wear" that will be a weekly feature, just as Kim  from Anthroholic did. Let's not let this Sunday ritual disappear. What do you all think? Will you participate and keep this Sunday tradition alive?

Look #1 > Triple The Texture
Sparrow Far-Flung Fairisle Pullover
Style# 21292826
Color: Brown Motif (029)
Price: $88.50
Splendid Paddington Pullover
Style# 22542054
Color: Dark Grey (005)
Price: $68

Sparrow Abstract Forest Sweater Skirt
Style# 22542054
Color: Blue Motif (049)
Price: $128
Entwined Intarsia Loop
Style# 22206072
Color: Green Motif (038)
Price: $148

FaryIrobin Cherry Stem Boots
Style# 22194104
Color: Red (005)
Price: $238

Look #2 > Long on Intarsia
Charlie & Robin Otono Sweatercoat
Style# 21128129
Color: Brown Motif (029)
Price: $198

Ella Moss Cinched Shimmer Pullover
Style# 23067317
Color: Dark Orange (081)
Price: $78
Cecilia Prado Extended Argyles Sweater Skirt
Style# 22865802
Color: Brown Motif (029)
Price: $298

Chie Mihara Rubicund Booties
Style# 21177183
Color: Red (038)
Price: $438

Jaravi Bracelet
Style# 22194104
Color: Green (030)
Price: $38

Look #3 > Stripe on Stripe

Knitted & Knotted Test Pattern Sweaterdress
Style# 22755599
Color: Black Motif (009)
Price: $148

Demylee Skinny Stripes Turtleneck
Style# 23067317
Color: Pink (066)
Price: $68
Sweeping Pips Necklace
Style# 22903801
Color: Assorted (000)
Price: $68

Chie Mihara Asterisk Booties
Style# 21307152
Color: Red (060)
Price: $388

Wood Grain Leggings
Style# 22663389
Color: Red (060)
Price: $28

Look #4 > Robust Red

Charlie & Robin Hallstatt Plaid Cape
Style# 22500714
Color: Multi (095)
Price: $111
Sparrow Straight & Narrow Sweater Dress
Style# 23104094
Color: Dark Orange (081)
Price: $158

Color Slice Necklace
Style# 22529481
Color: Red (060)
Price: $79.95

Rachel Comey Firewing Clogs
Style# 21345582
Color: Red (060)
Price: $428

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