Fabulous Friday Fits | Effortless Corduroy Skirt

5:23 PM

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Hey everyone and Happy Friday! Did you see my new featured post called, Head To Toe In Anthro? If you haven't yet, check it out HERE. So when I first saw the Effortless Corduroy Skirt online, I fell in love with the color. It's a Dark Orange which I think will be a perfect color for the Fall and Winter months. I featured the Effortless Corduroy Skirt HERE in a featured post called What I { ♥ } Today.  I can't wait to try this on in store. I hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!

(click Photo to view Polyvore set)
Style# 22859730, Dark Orange, $88
Style# 22984280, Grey Motif,  $78
Style# 20758751, Blue, $348
Eloise Spotted Diamonds Tights
Style# 23129083, Black Motif, $18
Style# 22904726, Red, $48
Stone Pretender Posts
Style# 23440035, Grey, $32

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