Fabulous Friday Fits | Chinoiserie Tank

2:00 PM

Note: Submit your Reader Outfit for Array of Anthro's and my continued post called What We Wear HERE. Submission date ends tonight! Can't wait to see what you ladies are wearing!

Hey everyone and Happy Friday! Right when I saw the Chinoiserie Tank online, I fell in love. I love the pattern and all the different colors which makes it easy to wear different colored cardigans, jackets and shoes. Can't wait to try this on in store. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

(click Photo to view Polyvore set)
Style# 23061484, Neutral Motif, $78
Style# 20567558, Maggie,  $169
Style# 22755169, Gold, $88
Style# 23130644, Yellow, $38
Animation Origin Hoops
Style# 21262639, Gold, $28

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