Anthropologie Product Reviews | Round 1

11:38 AM

Hey everyone! It's review time. I went to my local Anthro yesterday and did some reviews for you. I didn't get to so as many as I want, so I'm going to go back next week as well to do more. You can still request items HERE.

Everyone who was working yesterday took such good care of my Mom and I...especially Kim. Thanks so much!

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On to the round 2 coming soon!

Here is Tracy Reese's Mompos Dress. This dress has been getting so much buzz throughout the blogger world, I'm glad I finally got to try this little number on. I love this dress! I would say it fits TTS. I'm wearing a 2 and it zipped up fine. My chest is a little squashed, but not enough to size up to a 4. I love the material, the color, length, just everything. I don't like the price point however! I will have to wait for this to go on sale.

Definitely wishlisted and will buy on sale.
Tracy Reese Mompos Dress
Style#: 20935003
Color: Light Denim (092)
Price: $228
Length: 37.5''
Pros: TTS, color, length, material
Cons: Price point
Verdict: A
Must, Lust or Bust: Lusting until sale

Here is Maeve's Wildflower Foxtrot Dress. I'm wearing a size 2 here but since the material is so stretchy, I would size down to a 0. I love the fit, the colors and pattern. I can see wearing this with yellow flats, yellow cardi and a belt. The length is a little shorter as it hits above my knee. A definite must dress for Summer I think since it's so simple and cute.

Wishlisted until sale.

Maeve Wildflower Foxtrot Dress
Style#: 20621066
Color: Blue Motif (049)
Price: $128
Length: 36''
Pros: Colors, pattern, length, comfortable
Cons: Size down
Verdict: B+
Must, Lust or Bust: Lusting until sale

Here is Moulinette Soeurs' Verdant Slip Dress. I love this dress and was so excited they had one to try on! I'm wearing a size 4 here and it was big so I would where my normal size 2. I could possibly size down to a 0 since the back has a stretch to it, but I wouldn't want this to fit super tight since it's silk. I love the print, colors, well, everything. I might wear this little number to a wedding coming up.

Bought at full price in a Size 2 (charge and send).

Moulinette Soeurs Verdant Slip Dress
Style#: 20873048
Color: Green Motif (038)
Price: $138
Length: 36''
Pros: TTS, colors, pattern, fit, length
Cons: None
Verdict: A+
Must, Lust or Bust: A Must

Here is Girls From Savoy's Gull Wings Dress. I previously reviewed the dress HERE in the red and navy colorways. I find this dress to fit TTS. I'm wearing a size 2. I'm not really a fan of this pattern but I love the different colors. I really like the Black & White colorway on the website but my local Anthro didn't have it in stock. The length it good as it hits just at my knee.

A pass for me in this colorway, but would love to try on the Black & White colorway.

Girls From Savoy Gull Wings Dress
Style#: 20873048
Color: Black and White (018), Plum (052), and Unknown colorway
Price: $168
Length: 38''
Pros: TTS, color, length, fit, comfortable
Cons: None
Verdict: B+
Must, Lust or Bust: Lusting

Here is We Love Vera's Quechua Dress. This dress runs large. I am wearing a 0 but it is very loose on me in the bust area. I love the pattern and the fit oh and the bright pink sash! It's also very lightweight and comfortable. I just wish this wasn't so large on me. The length is on the longer side as it hits just at the bottom of my knee.

A pass for me.
We Love Vera Quechua Dress
Style#: 20751731
Color: Black Motif (009)
Price: $168
Length: 40''
Pros: Colored sash, pattern, comfortable
Cons: Runs large
Verdict: C
Must, Lust or Bust: A Bust

Here is Edme & Esyllte's Cuernavaca Maxi. This dress fits TTS. I'm wearing a size 2. I could wear a size 0 in this as well since it's a stretchy jersey material on top. The length is just perfect for me! I love that there are some many maxis that are fitting my 5'3'' length. This dress is super comfortable and I love the pattern and the contrasting colors.

Wishlisted until sale time.
Edme & Esyllte Cuernavaca Maxi
Style#: 20842662
Color: Yellow (079)
Price: $158
Length: 50''
Pros: TTS, length, pattern, colors
Cons: None
Verdict: A
Must, Lust or Bust: Lusting

Here is Sami's Sky Stories Dress that isn't on the website yet. I am wearing a size XS. I have a pretty big bust and this was loose on me. The back is a bit different. The top doesn't have a zipper but it ties in the back to hold the top up and in place. My Mom tied it pretty tight and it still seemed loose. I know I would have to keep adjusting this dress (pulling it up). Other then that, I love the striped pattern and the colors. The length is also good too as it hits just at my knee.

Wishlisted and will revisit during sale time.

Sami Sky Stories Dress
Style#: 20895611
Color: Blue Motif (049)
Price: $168
Length: Unknown
Pros: Somewhat TTS, length, pattern, colors
Cons: Bust runs big
Verdict: B
Must, Lust or Bust: Lusting

Here are Parameter's Apothecary Skirt, Sanctuary's Cissus Button-Up, Gingham and the Junctions Belt. First, the Apothecary Skirt fits TTS. I'm wearing a 0. The material is stretchy so you can size down in this skirt if you want. I love the pattern,'s comfortable. Oh how I want this skirt! The length hits just at my knee.

The Cissus Button-Up fits a little loose but I know that's the way it supposed to fit. I'm wearing an XS here and it buttoned up very easily with no pulling on the buttons. I love the checkered pattern and color.

Lastly the Junctions Belt. This belt is so versatile. I'm wearing a Small and it fits TTS. I swear this belt could go with any outfit as you will see it repeated throughout these reviews.

Skirt and Button-Up wishlisted. Bought the belt at full price.

Parameter Apothecary Skirt
Style#: 20972352
Color: Blue Motif (049), Neutral Motif (015)
Price: $98
Length: 21''
Pros: TTS, length, colors, pattern, fit
Cons: None
Verdict: A
Must, Lust or Bust: Lusting

Sanctuary Cissus Button-Up, Gingham
Style#: 20304846
Color: Navy (041), Green Motif (038)
Price: $88
Length: 27''
Pros: TTS, length, fit, color, pattern
Cons: None
Verdict: B
Must, Lust or Bust: Lusting

Junctions Belt
Style#: 20711644
Color: Brown (020), Ivory (011)
Price: $38
Length: S: 31'', M: 33'', L: 35''L
Width: 2''
Pros: TTS, material, comfortable
Cons: None
Verdict: A
Must, Lust or Bust: Bought at full price

Here is Edme & Esyllte's Cultivation Skirt, Deletta's Gathering Tank and (again) the Junctions Belt. Fist the Cultivation Skirt fits TTS. I'm wearing an XS. It's super cute in person and comfortable. The material is light weight and the length is good as it hits just at my knee. I love the different colors!

I have it paired with the Gathering Tank. This tank fits somewhat TTS. I'm wearing an XS but I could size up to a small. It's comfortable, lightweight and I love the shoulder bunched material.

Skirt wishlisted and I bought the top at full price.

Edme & Esyllte Cultivation Skirt
Style#: 20817839
Color: Neutral Motif (015), Eggplant (015)
Price: $68
Length: 20''
Pros: TTS, price point, length, colors, pattern
Cons: None
Verdict: A
Must, Lust or Bust: Lusting, but might buy at full price

Deletta's Gathering Tank
Style#: 20437349
Color: White (010), Green Motif (066), Dark Grey (005), Green Motif (030)
Price: $48
Length: 24.5''
Pros: Somewhat TTS, colors, length, fit
Cons: Can size up
Verdict: A
Must, Lust or Bust: Bought at full price in white

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