{ Freshly Picked }

4:09 AM

Note: Did you see Reviews: Round 1? Reviews: Rounds 2 and 3 will be up soon! Also, I'm in the process of reconstructing the Anthro Exchange and I am crossing my fingers this new site works that I'm currently working on. I will keep you all updated on the status of the new site!

Good morning everyone! This will be a new semi-weekly/weekly (haven't decided quite yet) feature where I post { freshly picked } Anthro items. Oh hello lovely Ruched Marigold Coat! Do you see anything you like?

Ruched Marigold Coat
Style# 22939573
Color: Yellow
Price: $248

Artist's Study Cardigan
Style# 21057997
Color: Multi
Price: $73.50 (was $98)

Sea Nettle Shift
Style# 21206602
Color: Blue Motif
Price: $188

Kimmel Cardi
Style# 22638548
Color: Moss, Green, Brown, Lilac
Price: $66 (was $88)

Dusk Peony Blouse
Style# 22587778
Color: Purple Motif
Price: $118

Belis Top
Style# 22776389
Color: Black
Price: $148

Zenobia Tee
Style# 21214093
Color: Green, Wine
Price: $68

Balkhash Shawl
Style# 21331558
Color: Multi
Price: $223.50 (was $298)

Far-Flung Fairisle Pullover
Style# 21292826
Color: Brown Motif
Price: $88.50 (was $118)
REVIEW coming soon

Colloquium Trousers
Style# 22751853
Color: Orange
Price: $138

Saffi Belt
Style# 21148457
Color: Brown
Price: $58

Brass Tacks Boots
Style# 22810436
Color: Brown
Price: $248

Pointed Laurel Heels
Style# 22780829
Color: Yellow, Green
Price: $168
Style# 22911242
Color: Orange, Brown, Navy
Price: $58

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