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6:07 PM

Right when I saw these beauties, I knew they had to be mine...the Bowed Lacerta Mary Jane. They are more beautiful in person then they are online. First off, they do fit pretty TTS. As most of you know, Miss Albright sizing is all over the place. I own some 6.5's, 7's and 7.5's from Miss Albright, all fitting a little different. In the Bowed Lacerta Mary Jane, I purchased a size 7 without being able to try them on (through a charge and send) and they fit me perfect. The left foot fits perfect, where the right foot has a little more room since my left foot is a bit bigger then my right. Not enough room to size down to a 6.5 though. If you are thinking about purchasing these, go with your true size. The shoes do show a little bit of "toe cleavage" as you can see from the photo below. It is made well and is super comfortable to walk in. One of my shoes had a couple scuffs on the front toe, so I would be careful to make sure you don't scuff them or buy a pair that is already scuffed. I can see wearing these with so many different items and during the Fall/Winter months to come!

Have you purchased (or are thinking about purchasing) these yet or any other Fall shoes?

Miss Albright Bowed Lacerta Mary-Jane
Style# 21036280
Color: Brown (020)
Price: $168
Pros: TTS, rich brown/maroon color, super comfortable, versatile
Cons: None
Verdict: A+
Must, Lust or Bust: A Must
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