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The November 2011 catalog is here and am LOVING some of the new arrivals and outfits, but mostly I am really eyeing the dresses in this catalog. I also am loving all of the home items, especially the Holiday decorations (it's almost Christmas...where has the year gone?) It was really hard to narrow My Picks down to just 10 items since there are so many goodies I'm eyeing. Make sure you check out Head to Toe In Anthro: November Catalog Outfits. Did you add any new items to your wishlist from this catalog? Are you eyeing anything?

Here are my Top 10 November 2011 picks...

Moulinette Soeurs Gracia Dress (Featured on page 3)
Style# 23277072
Color: Red (030)
Price: $248
Why I Love It: I love the whole outfit! It's just absolutely adorable! The dress is a perfect shade of red and I can see wearing this to many Holiday parties this year to be festive and also year round. It's flowy, feminine and the length looks perfect. I love how this comes in a Regular and Petite length. I can't wait to try this on in store.

Lil Lace & Light Dress (Featured on page 14)
Style# 23541196
Color: Black Motif (009)
Price: $258
Why I Love It: I reviewed this dress HERE and it's just STUNNING in person. It fits and looks the same as its sister, the Gathering Breeze Dress from earlier this year. If you missed the Gathering Breeze Dress, here's your chance to get an even more classic and feminine version. I love the black and pink together as they contrast well and the length is perfect. This is also a great Holiday dress if you are looking for one. LOVE this!

Lil Serissa Tulle Blouse (Featured on page 17)
Style# 23448491
Color: Ivory (011), Green (030)
Price: $118
Why I Love It: I really love this whole outfit from head to toe, but I really love this top. I've always been drawn to lightweight, feminine and soft tops and this fits the bill. I love the delicate embroidered flower pattern and how sheer it is. This will be a great layering piece for the Fall and Winter months.

Charlie & Robin Brushed Lace Cropped Cardi (Featured on page 21)
Style# 23102817
Color: Grey (004), Black Motif (009)
Price: $128
Why I Love It: This cardigan is just darling. I love how soft and delicate it looks and it's very feminine looking. I fell in love with the whole outfit the model is wearing. I really like the contrasting colors of the cardigan, skirt and clutch purse. This is such a great sweater for Fall and Winter as its wool and will look great unbuttoned over a cute top or buttoned. Can't wait to try this on in store, but it's going to be so hard choosing between the two colors.

Schuler & Sons Tegu Platforms (Featured on Cover, pages 3, 4, 6, 15, 22, 32, 34, 37)
Style# 22814719
Color: Brown (020)
Price: $168
Why I Love It: I fell in love when I saw these shoes in the catalog and I guess Anthro loves these too since they use them over and over in the catalog. These are a perfect shade of greyish-brown and would go perfect with everything. I also love the bow on the toe as it gives is a feminine look. Oh and the snakeskin is so cute! I plan on buying these in December with my Bday discount.

Cynthia Rowley Brocade Paisley Dress (Featured on page 37)
Style# 23571086
Color: Navy (041)
Price: $398
Why I Love It: Again, I'm loving all these dresses in the catalog! I am really drawn to the unique look of this dress and love how it looks in the catalog with the cardi and tights. I love the colored swirls and full skirt and I can see wearing this with many different colored tights and cardis. Another great dress for the Holidays, especially New Years!

Style# 23517600
Color: Grey Motif (008)
Price: $298
Why I Love It: Can I have one of each please? Isn't this whole outfit just amazing?! I love the sequin skirt paired with the yellow striped sweater. It's so beautiful. I love how intricate the small sequin geometric is. This also would be a beautiful skirt to wear during the Holiday season or out for a night on the town.

Weston Wear Dulcie Dress (Featured on page 75)
Style# 22932032
Color: Neutral Motif (015), Black Motif (009)
Price: $158
Why I Love It: This dress is at the top of my Lust List right now. I love everything about it. It's soft, feminine, and just beautiful in person. I love the girly look to it and I felt like a ballerina when I reviewed it HERE. The different materials and patterns on the top and bottom make it unique and so adorable. I made Styling Sets for the Black Motif HERE, Fabulous Friday Fit HERE and am in the process of creating Styling Sets for the Neutral Motif as well. LOVE!

Minna Parikka Hearted Mary-Janes (Featured on pages 21, 25, 37)
Style# 21390539
Color: Blue (040)
Price: $398
Why I Love It: Isn't the Turquoise Blue color look amazing? I haven't seen these in person yet, so I'm hope it's the same vibrant color as it is online. I am a sucker for anything with bows, stars and hearts. These elements just give the product a more feminine feel which I love. The heel height looks good on these at 3.25 inches and I love the tie front, oh and the hearts!

Style# 23169352
Color: Green (030)
Price: $218
Why I Love It: I know this is the second sequin skirt that made the list, but I just love the entire look from the catalog. I am loving the small multi-colored sequins sewn delicately to the grey skirt, which makes is easy for wearing all colors of tops, sweaters and shoes. This is another perfect skirt for the upcoming Holiday season.

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