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8:28 AM

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Good morning everyone! This is a new weekly feature where I post { freshly picked } Anthro items. So many lovely items added the past two weeks that I had to narrow down my favorites to fit them all! One of my favorite items added is the Tegu Platforms, which I didn't include below since there are so many other lovely fresh picks. What are your current fresh picks?

Check out these Fresh Picks...

Airy Sparkle Cardigan
Style# 23158942
Color: Beige, Yellow, Green, Navy
Price: $98

Miramar Dress
Style# 23888548
Color: Black Motif
Price: $368

Diagonals Tee
Style# 23867088
Color: White, Coral
Price: $58

Look Out Cami
Style# 23603285
Color: Neutral Motif
Price: $48

Trefoil T-Straps
Style# 23087794
Color: Turquoise, Black
Price: $95

Graphic Flutters Dress
Style# 23142359
Color: Multi
Price: $278

Brushed Lace Cropped Cardi
Style# 23102817
Color: Grey, Black Motif
Price: $128

Orchard House Cardigan
Style# 23467244
Color: Coral, Green, Navy, Pink
Price: $78

Beaufort Gale Skirt
Style# 23180433
Color: Black Motif
Price: $248

Chardonnay Sheen Dress
Style# 23265564
Color: Gold
Price: $198

Winking Sky Cardigan
Style# 23451958
Color: Navy
Price: $128

Sparkled Shrug
Style# 23520760
Color: Grey, Black
Price: $88

City Of Lights Dress
Style# 23770753
Color: Copper
Price: $178

Bloomsbury Blazer
Style# 23466519
Color: Black Motif
Price: $198

Rodna Halter Dress
Style# 22569057
Color: Dark Orange, Navy
Price: $158

Halfsies Blouse
Style# 23126105
Color: Green, Ivory
Price: $178

Wisp Maxi Chemise
Style# 23614464
Color: Taupe
Price: $148

Twinkle Crunched Clutch
Style# 23067432
Color: Silver
Price: $138

Bovary Dress
Style# 23630627
Color: Silver, Navy
Price: $168

Gibson Roll Tee
Style# 23402068
Color: Pink, Dark Grey, Beige, Green
Price: $58

Hearted Mary-Janes
Style# 21390539
Color: Turquoise
Price: $398

Accordion Cutout Skirt
Style# 22799365
Color: Gold, Navy
Price: $228

Dusted Tights
Style# 23614530
Color: Neutral
Price: $22

Earl Grey Necklace
Style# 21067251
Color: Assorted
Price: $38

Night Phlox Blouse
Style# 23453715
Color: Blue Motif
Price: $118

Ruffled Tapestry Coat
Style# 22831853
Color: Green Motif
Price: $398

Cinched Satin Peep-Toes
Style# 22781637
Color: Taupe, Navy
Price: $168

Knotted Blossoms Beanie
Style# 22541205
Color: Brown
Price: $68

Lacy Longsleeved Tee
Style# 23536535
Color: Ivory,
Dark Grey, Red, Yellow
Price: $28

Sweet Divinity Slip
Style# 23687460
Color: Nude, Navy
Price: $88

Ainsley Pullover
Style# 23602980
Color: Mint, Navy
Price: $58

Swirled Stitches Pullover
Style# 23499825
Color: Dark Orange
Price: $78

Gossamer True Cardigan
Style# 23179682
Color: Purple, Yellow, Pink Price: $78

Ruby Paths Coat
Style# 23466105
Color: Red
Price: $298

Sinuous Bow Belt
Style# 23892805
Color: Black
Price: $38

Torus-Sleeved Poncho
Style# 23471022
Color: Turquoise, Grey
Price: $128

Hoshi Blouse
Style# 23437635
Color: Plum
Price: $128

Swept Pintucks Tee
Style# 23533102
Color: Ivory, Black, Turquiose Price: $48

Bellevue Sweater Skirt
Style# 23446115
Color: Gold, Lilac
Price: $88
Setting Suns Clutch
Style# 22943419
Color: Orange
Price: $88

Celestial Yonder Loungers Style# 23106750
Color: Blue Motif
Price: $48

Twisted Glass Danglers
Style# 23683394
Color: Gold, Silver
Price: $48

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