Reader Request | Styling Sets | Moorland Oxfords

7:55 AM

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Good morning everyone and hope you are enjoying your weekend! I'm on my way today to do some shopping with my younger sister and also do some reviews at Anthropologie! Nadja wrote me and requested I style the Moorland Oxfords for her. She has worn these before, but felt as though she needed some inspiration to wear them again. I thought that turquoise wold be the perfect color to wear with these shoes because of the turquoise color on the toe and throughout the shoe. Hope you like the sets Nadja! If you want me to style something for you, email me.

Styling Set 1 (Click photo to see Polyvore)
Moth Torus-Sleeved Poncho
Style# 23471022, Turquoise, $128

AG Stevie Cords
Style# E22864722, Ivory, $168

Schuler & Sons Moorland Oxfords
Style# 22624175, Sky, $79.95

Ice Amulet Necklace
Style# 23698517, Assorted, $88

Loose Loom Scarf
Style# 22151237, Ivory, $48

Twice Rung Skinny Belt
Style# 23419575, Brown, $78

Styling Set 2 (Click photo to see Polyvore)
Deletta Swept Pintucks Tee
Style# 23533102, Turquoise, $48

Paperboy by G1 Moleskin Trousers
Style# A22785836, Brown, $148

Schuler & Sons Moorland Oxfords
Style# 22624175, Sky, $79.95

Hot Air Necklace
Style# 23172679, Blue, $88

Ruffled Mountains Scarf
Style# 22754154, Red Motif, $48

Animation Origin Hoops
Style# 21262639, Gold, $19.95

Styling Set 3 (Click photo to see Polyvore)
Meadow Rue Tucked Tulle Blouse
Style# 23083769, Ivory, $128

Pilcro Serif Cords
Style# C22529374, Beige, $88

Schuler & Sons Moorland Oxfords
Style# 22624175, Sky, $79.95

Elevenses Frilled Echelons Peacoat
Style# 21268321, Turquoise, $79.95

Retiarius Hoops
Style# 22816722, Gold, $98

Endless Necklace
Style# 21221080, Gold, $42

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