OOTD (Outfit of the Day) | Field Skirt

8:58 AM

Sneak Peak: Do you want to see the December catalog outfits? I just saw the December catalog and am so excited for the lovely new arrivals and outfits. I'm in the process of putting the lovely outfits together on my Polyvore HERE. I will be adding all of the outfits by the end of the week, so keep checking my Polyvore for updates!

Note: Did you wear something adorable this week you want to share for all to see? Submit your Reader Outfit for Reader Outfits: What We Wear which posts on tonight where I showcase all of your outfits to view. You still have time to submit your outfit for tonights post. You can find all the details HERE. Can't wait to see what you ladies are wearing this week!

Good morning lovelies! I hope you all are having a good day so far. Can you believe that Thanksgiving and Black Friday are just around the corner? I can't wait to stuff my face full of oh so yummy food and spend time with family. There should be a sale on Tuesday, so stayed tuned for the sales lists, and also remember that Anthropologie stores will be opening early on Friday, 6AM or so but check with your local Anthro, for their Black Friday sale, which will go from store opening to around 11AM. I heard it should be an additional 50% off sale items in-store and I'm hoping they also do an online Black Friday sale as well. If they do, I think it will be an additional 25% off sale items. Will you partaking in Black Friday either in-store or online (hopefully...for those of us who don't like the crowds or have an Anthro near?) Now on to the outfit below...I wore this outfit earlier this week since British Anthropologi(e)st started the Style It Feature, where each week you vote on a new Anthropologie piece to style. This week was the Field Skirt, Thousand Days Skirt or Circle the Globe Skirt. I love the corduroy material and deep gold color of the Field Skirt and how well it pairs with the Firewing Blouse and Veronica Spectator Pumps. I'm very excited for this new feature and plan to participate weekly! Also, I'm going to Anthro to do reviews on tomorrow, so if you want to request an item, you still have time to do that HERE.

Edme & Esyllte Field Skirt  |  Style# 19477041  |  Gold  |  0  |  $39.95  |  REVIEW  |  Sold out, sim. HERE
Leifsdottir Firewing Blouse  |  Style# 19386739  |  Taupe  |  0  |  $99.95 |  Sold out online
Seychelles Veronica Spectator Pump  |  Style# B002R7ZOQO  |  Light Grey  |  7  |  $50  |  Sold out, sim. HERE
Sparrow Breezy Polkas Cardigan  |  Style# 013201  |  X-Small  |  $49.95  |  Navy  |  Sold out online, sim. HERE
Lucky Penny Soft Bow Belt  |   Style# 19128222   |  Grey  |  $30  |  Sold out online, sim. HERE
Kay Jewelers Journey Necklace  |  Circa Fall 2008

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