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7:26 AM

Reminder: Black Friday at Anthropologie starts tomorrow at 6AM (EST) online and 6AM at most stores, where you get an additional 50% off Sale items until 11AM (stores vary). Click HERE for all the details and for sale items. Happy shopping!

Sneak Peak: Do you want to see the December catalog outfits? I just saw the December catalog and am so excited for the lovely new clothing arrivals, outfits and household items. HERE are all of the December catalog outfits. Stay tuned for Head to Toe in Anthro: December Catalog Outfits!

Note: Remember to submit your Reader Outfit for Reader Outfits: What We Wear which posts on Sunday where I showcase all of your outfits to view. You can find all the details HERE.

Today is my favorite holiday...Thanksgiving! I love eating...and eating...and eating all of the delicious food and spending time with the ones I love. Today I think of the reasons why I'm thankful. There are hundreds, but I narrowed it down to the top ten. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

1. My family, you mean everything to me and I don't know where I would be without you all. I love you all so very much. This will be the first Thanksgiving without my Grandma. Miss you and thinking of you.
2. My best friend, also known as my boyfriend of 5 years. Thanks for being my rock and for always making me smile. xoxo
3. My health, I love you gym, Chobani yogurt and protein shakes.
4. My readers, you all rock! Thanks for visiting, chiming in and being a fan.
5. My two dogs, Bruiser & Java, my babies that are so very special to me and always make me smile.
6. Fellow Bloggers, for being oh so inspirational and being my friend through the blogging world.
7. Food Network, I love cooking shows and my DVR is full of Iron Chef America, Next Iron Chef, Chopped...anything on Food Network really. Thanks for inspiring me to be a better chef.
8. Bettycrocker.com, for having great recipes that I can put a spin on and make my own since I love cooking.
9. Anthropologie, for being inspirational and the best place to shop! I blog for you and for all that love you.
10. Tomorrow, since you never know what tomorrow brings.

Charlotte Tarantola Field Game Cardigan  |  Style# 013000  |  Grey Motif  |  XS  |  $50  |  Sold out, sim. HERE
Love 21 Lacy Chiffon Top  |  Style# 2074201937  |  Ivory  |  XS  |  $17.80  |  Sold out, check stores, sim. HERE

AG Stevie  |  Style# 18670258  |  Howl  |  25  |  $168  |  BUY, similar HERE
American Eagle Wedge Boot  |  Style# 04112527  |  Chestnut  |  7  |  $79.50  |  REVIEW  |  BUY, similar HERE
Kay Jewelers Journey Necklace  |  Circa Fall 2008

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