Outfit Inspiration | What The Dress Forms Are Wearing

2:36 PM

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Note: Did you wear something adorable this week you want to share for all to see? Submit your Reader Outfit for Reader Outfits: What We Wear which posts on Sundays where I showcase all of your outfits to view. Even if you aren't wearing Anthro, please submit your outfit. This feature is open to all! You can find all the details HERE. Can't wait to see what you ladies are wearing this week!

Need some outfit inspiration? Look no further. Since I've had many requests to take photos of the outfits on the dress forms at my local Anthro, I decided to snap some photos last time I was there. Any looks catch your eye? If you know any of the Unknown Items, please leave a comment with the item name or link to the item. (Thanks to Lisa for identifying some of the items!)

Right: Graphic Flutters Dress, Unknown Scarf

Flared & Cabled Sweater Dress, Bent Plaid Sweatercoat,
Unknown Necklace

Cloudleaf Funnelneck, Twinkle Lights Pencil Skirt,
Peeking Radiance Necklace

Left: Beaded Bib Tank, Dimensional Jacquard Sweatercoat,
Citizens of Humanity Ava Straight Leg

Right: Askew Ikat Shift, Pin Gleam Belt, Unknown Scarf

Left: Pattern Call Blouse, Citizens Of Humanity Kelly Bootcut
Draping Shearling Jacket
Right: Frosted Boucle PulloverTile-Quilted Pencil Skirt,

La Comoda Chemise, Quilted Patchwork RobeSnuggly Steps Slippers

Dotline Boatneck, Borrowed Cables Sweatshirt,
Peppering Skirt, Beaded Wink Belt

Pleats Abounding Maxi, Pumapard Blouse

Left: Lacy Longsleeved TeeMonhegan Wide-Legs,
Right: Preppy Pleats PulloverCargo Pocket Sweater Skirt,
Land & Lake Heels, Unknown Scarf

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