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9:36 AM

Sneak Peak: Do you want to see the December catalog outfits? I just saw the December catalog and am so excited for the lovely new arrivals and outfits. I'm in the process of putting the lovely outfits together on my Polyvore HERE. I will be adding all of the outfits by the end of the week, so keep checking my Polyvore for updates!

Note: Did you wear something adorable this week you want to share for all to see? Submit your Reader Outfit for Reader Outfits: What We Wear which posts on Sundays where I showcase all of your outfits to view. Even if you aren't wearing Anthro, please submit your outfit. This feature is open to all! You can find all the details HERE. Can't wait to see what you ladies are wearing this week!

Good morning everyone! This will be a weekly feature where I post { freshly picked } Anthro items. So many lovely items added the past couple of weeks that I had to narrow down my favorites to fit them all! What are your current fresh picks?

Check out these Fresh Picks...

Chantilly Enchanted Top
Style# 23401078
Color: Plum, Navy, Pink
Price: $88

Sweeping Stitches Pullover
Style# 20872644
Color: Gold, Orange
Price: $98

Scrawled Rain Blouse
Style# 23125115
Color: Black Motif
Price: $118

Slouched Stitches Pullover Style# 23713761
Color: Beige, Black Motif, Brown
Price: $88

Dandy Belt
Style# 23739246
Color: Orange, Blue
Price: $118

Ruffled Sweatercoat
Style# 23494743
Color: Light Grey
Price: $348

Beaded Bib Tank
Style# 23295397
Color: Ivory
Price: $98

Ruched Glyph Dress
Style# 23908650
Color: Slate
Price: $138

Swivel Revolution Top
Style# 23556459
Color: Dark Grey, Turquiose, Wine
Price: $68

Herringbone Boy Blazer
Style# 23093768
Red Price: $168

Buttered Tweed Skirt
Style# 23237654
Color: Yellow
Price: $128

AG Stevie Ankle
Style# 20471538
Color: Wine, Gold, Bone, Blue, Purple
Price: $158

Night Shade Top
Style# 23765464
Color: Ivory
Price: $68

All Illuminated Heels
Style# 23083207
Color: Gold
Price: $95

Twist & Refresh Dress
Style# 22608822
Color: Black Motif
Price: $168

Extended Hours Top
Style# 23699150
Color: Navy
Price: $118

Rise & Rest Top
Style# 23765886
Color: Taupe, White
Price: $68

Spotted Zigzag Tights
Style# 23454911
Color: Black Motif
Price: $22

Star Scraper Wedges
Style# 23084965
Color: Taupe, Wine
Price: $110

Windswept Cardigan
Style# 23492028
Color: Navy
Price: $128

King's Court Necklace
Style# 23772361
Color: Hedgehog, Cat
Price: $38

Serenade Chemise
Style# 22592042
Color: Neutral
Price: $48

New Brunswick Sweater
Style# 23598576
Color: Navy
Price: $188

Curl Stacked Heels
Style# 22788681
Color: Green
Price: $168

Honeyed Hive Posts
Style# 23669443
Color: Assorted
Price: $32

Caramelo Necklace
Style# 24068751
Color: Green
Price: $48

Knotted Blossoms Beanie
Style# 22541205
Color: Brown
Price: $68

Coiled Creatures Scarf
Style# 21284658
Color: Ivory, Taupe
Price: $198

Setting Suns Clutch
Style# 22943419
Color: Orange
Price: $88

Ripple Pleated Tank
Style# 23457567
Color: Grey Motif, Wine
Price: $58

Ainsley Pullover
Style# 23602980
Color: Mint, Navy
Price: $58

Piled Prism T-Straps
Style# 21257860
Color: Red
Price: $498

Sidewinding Cuff
Style# 23811276
Color: Assorted
Price: $68

Swirled Suns Headband
Style# 23907389
Color: Gold, Ivory, Black Motif
Price: $32

Sinuous Bow Belt
Style# 23892805
Color: Black
Price: $38

Emeraldine Oxford Heels
Style# 22556617
Color: Green
Price: $148

Vintage Floral Cape Dress
Style# 24239188
Color: Purple Motif
Price: $325

Wings Of Provision Necklace
Style# 23702400
Color: Assorted
Price: $78

Hestia Pullover
Style# 23598410
Color: Grey Motif
Price: $168

Steeplechase Ankle Boots
Style# 22822076
Color: Orange
Price: $218
Hirtella Blouse
Style# 23795016
Color: Blue Motif Price: $118

Luminary Brooch Belt
Style# 23781586
Color: Turquiose, Silver, Gold Price: $48

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