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11:30 AM

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Good afternoon everyone and hope you all are enjoying your Saturday! I had a request to style the Rodna Halter Dress for Sarah. She said that she needed help styling the dress to be more casual. For Styling Set 1, I kept the set casual by adding cute and playful cardigan, boots and a colorful scarf and tote. I can see wearing this out to lunch with the girls or your guy, out shopping or on a casual dinner date. For Styling Set 2, I made this set more sophisticated by adding a gorgeous purple trench, purple cutout heels and and a purple and green scarf. I can see wearing this on a dinner date or to the office. For Styling Set 3,  I added a denim jacket, a colorful scarf and yellow flats and accessories to keep it casual. I can see wearing this to the movies, out shopping with your best friend or on a date with your guy. Do any of these looks catch your eye? If you want me to style an item for you, email me.

Styling Set 1 (Click photo to see Polyvore)
Rodna Halter Dress
Style# 22569057, Green, $99.95

Tufted Dots Sweater
Style# 24205296, Neutral Motif, $78

Foxglove Boots
Style# 21295555, Brown, $278

Sprout Posts
Style# 24513764, Gold, $28

Scalloped Perimeter Belt
Style# 23742570, Brown, $48

Easton Garden Scarf
Style# 23718190, Red Motif, $58

Transatlantic Bag
Style# 21120324, Red, $228

Styling Set 2 (Click photo to see Polyvore)
Rodna Halter Dress
Style# 22569057, Green, $99.95

Lila-Dotted Trench
Style# 23838865, Grey Motif, $188

Crest-Cut Wedges
Style# 23547680, Purple, $178

Rugged Glint Drops
Style# 24250177, Purple, $32

Florapop Scarf
Style# A23618101, Purple, $58

Tinsley Satchel
Style# 23627573, Grey, $348

Styling Set 3 (Click photo to see Polyvore)
Rodna Halter Dress
Style# 22569057, Green, $99.95

Concise Denim Jacket
Style# 21069075, Dark Denim, $128

On-Your-Toes Flats
Style# A22788293, Yellow, $138

Sea Drops Earrings
Style# 20645818, Yellow, $32

Belle Bow Belt
Style# 24217408, Yellow, $38

Bright Borders Scarf
Style# 23627169, Pink, $68

Aisling Tote
Style# 23627474, Yellow, $428

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