Outfits | Four Dress Favorites

8:17 AM

Good morning everyone! Anthro brings us another set of outfits this morning featuring different types of dresses; from minis and shifts to knits and prints. You can see all the different styles of dresses HERE. I'm really loving Look 1 as I love how this mini fits (REVIEWED HERE in Green) paired with polka dot heels that are just adorable, and Look 3 as I really like the textures, pattern and simplicity. Any looks catch your eye?

Look #1 > Mini

Minutiae Dropwaist Dress Style# A24323586
Color: Grey Motif
Price: $128
Enchantment Heels
Style# 24284242
Color: Neutral
Price: $128
Fairburn Necklace
Style# 24327991
Color: Cream
Price: $58

Openwork Cables Cardigan
Style# 24000333
Color: Grey
Price: $188

Knotted Weave Ring
Style# 24190399
Color: Gold
Price: $158

Look #2 > Shift

Sea & Shore Dress
Style# 24423469
Color: Bright Red
Price: $128

Kaati Wedges
Style# 23982291
Color: Red
Price: $258

Hot Air Balloon Scarf
Style# 23832611
Color: Yellow
Price: $68

Sprout Posts
Style# 24513764
Color: Gold
Price: $28

Astrological Maps Bracelet Style# 23701956
Color: Gold
Price: $52

Look #3 > Knit

Flared Neovison Dress
Style# 24241473
Color: Brown Motif
Price: $128

High-Shine Flats
Style# 23844301
Color: Gold
Price: $138

Contrasting Weaves Belt
Style# 24240020
Color: Black
Price: $48

Sarana Tote
Style# 23598295
Color: Gold
Price: $88

Coral Thatched Cuff
Style# 24326720
Color: Coral
Price: $110

Cushion-Cut Drops
Style# 24374183
Color: Pink
Price: $48

Look #4 > Print

Burgeoning Hypericum Dress
Style# 24252686
Color: Black Motif
Price: $158

Spotted Sawtooth Flats
Style# 24071359
Color: Black
Price: $168

Fori Bracelet
Style# 24329799
Color: Yellow
Price: $158

Quilled Iora Hoops
Style# 24260507
Color: Gold
Price: $218

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