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10:21 AM

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Good morning everyone and Happy Friday! So many lovely Anthro sightings this week! Thanks to my readers for sending me their sightings! I love seeing how Anthropologie items are styled for TV and celebrities! Did you spot an Anthropologie item while watching one of your favorite TV shows or on a celebrity on TV, in person or in a magazine? If so, email me or submit this form to be included next week!

Hanging Wisteria Skirt
Spotted on Glee (Season 3, Episode 13: Heart)

Tupelo Dress
Spotted on "Plus White" TV Commercial by Nadine

Monogrammed Mug
Spotted on Real Housewives of OC (Season 7, Episode 1: Stranger Things Have Happened) by Rachel

Sugar-Coated Shirtdress
Spotted on Tempur-Pedic Commercial by Nadine

Swoop & Glide Pullover
Spotted on General Hospital (Episode airing 2/10/12) by Val

Oblique Pointelle Pullover
Spotted on General Hospital (Episode airing 2/10/12) by Val

Ruched Heather Tee
Spotted on Breaking In (Season 2 Preview) by Bobendy

Orchard House Cardigan
Spotted on Once Upon A Time (Season 1, Episode 12: Skin Deep) by Jess

Spiced Dress
Spotted on Smash (Season 1, Episode 2: The Callback)

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