{ Get The Look You Thought You Missed }

1:50 PM

Note: I just saw Anthropologie's March 2012 catalog and I am very impressed with all of the new arrivals, bright colors and patterns. I can't wait to share the Polyvore sets with you!

Note: Did you see Outfit Inspiration: What the Dress Forms are WearingWhat I Love Today: Polka DotsReviews: Round 1 and Outfits: Nine Ways To Button Up?

Good afternoon everyone and hope you are enjoying your week! This is a weekly feature where I find similar items for you to buy, just in case you missed out on the originals or even want to buy a cheaper, similar version, so you can get the look you thought you missed. If you see an item you would like to include in this feature, please email me.

Third Act Heels, circa 2010

    Gull Wing Dress, circa 2011

Open Knit Sweater, $19.80 Breezed Crochet Pullover, $49.95

You're a Vision Dress, $127.99Zigzag Dress, circa 2009

Floral T-Strap Slingback Flat Sandal, $16.80
Spotted by Tamara

Feather Gladiator Thong Flat Sandal, $23.20
Spotted by Tamara

Precise Bow Belt, circa 2011

Toe Tapping Flats, circa 2010

Comaso Nubuck Flats, $59.99 Crimped Bow Flats, $79.95

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