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3:45 PM

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Good evening and Happy Friday! I hope you all are having a fabulous day. While putting together the February 2012 Catalog Outfits last week, the one pair of denim that really caught my eye was the Citizens Of Humanity Floral Thompson. I am really into colored denim right now and am thinking this should be the next pair that makes its way into my closet. I've never had a patterned pair of denim and these look very feminine, soft and lovely. I paired it with a simple cami that matches the floral pattern, then layered it with a sheer white sweater, and finished off the look with some gold flats and accessories. I can see wearing this out shopping for a girls day, out to a casual lunch or on a casual date with your guy. I hope you all have a great weekend!

(click Photo to view Polyvore set)
Style# 24200313, Blue Motif, $185
Style# 21079637, Raspberry,  $48
Style# 23956402, Ivory, $98
On-Your-Toes Flats
Style# 22788293, Silver, $138
Auspicious Posts
Style# 21166657, Pink, $28
Grand Firmament Necklace

Style# 23887250, Coral, $48
Aperture Di Fiore Bag

Style# 24221970, Gold, $288

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