A Winter's Walk Fashion Show | Roseville, CA

5:28 PM

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Good evening ladies! Here are the A Winter's Walk Fashion Show video, photos and Polyvore sets. The Roseville staff did such a great job putting together the Fashion Show and all of the women looked fabulous. Anthro's Fashion Show featured many trends that are hot this season which include, winter white, sparkle and shine, color pops and saturated hues, which can be in hair accessories, belts or your attire. This year, stay away from the traditional red and green holiday colors, and wear more plum, orange, citron and emerald. Mix masculine and feminine styles, and dress down your holiday outfit. Instead of wearing a pair of heels and cardigan with a dress, wear tights and combat boots. You don't even need to wear a dress at all. This year, women are wearing trousers, shorts, or skirts and sweater combos. Also big this season is bulky over-sized sweaters with skinny jeans to break up the proportion. (If you know any names of the items that say Unknown, please comment below or email me).

Do you see any outfits you love? Please share! Don't see the Fashion Show video below? CLICK HERE. Want to make the video bigger? Click the arrow on the bottom right of the video.

Fashion Show Outfit 1 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)
Sumana Dress
Style# 23560402, Orange, $198
Rancher's Moto Booties
Style# 22621031, Taupe, $198
Opaque Tights, Holly
Style# B23451362, Holly, $15
Unknown Earrings, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 2 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Pale Borders Blouse
Style# 23141708, Multi, $198
Looped Fleece Vest
Style# 23129844, White, $228
Style# 23407661, Dark Denim, $128
Style# 22822076, Orange, $218
Unknown Bag, similar HERE
Unknown Belt, similar HERE
Unknown Earrings, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 3 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Style# 22932032, Neutral Motif, $158
Style# 22814719, Brown, $168
Spotted Zigzag Tights
Style# 23454911, Black Motif, $22
Style# 23426117, Assorted, $48
Style# 22943872, Navy, $98

Fashion Show Outfit 4 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Style# 23630890, Black, $188
Style# 23389380, Green, $268
Style# 22582936, Brown, $178
Style# 23521214, Silver, $58

Fashion Show Outfit 5 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Pumapard Blouse
Style# 23560535, Brown Motif, $128
AG Stevie
Style# 22147896, Thoreau, $168
Ruby Paths Coat
Style# 23466105, Red, $298
Unknown Shoes, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 6 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Cara Cara Peasant Dress
Style# 23302367, Orange, $198
Fringed Boots
Style# 20725776, Taupe, $79.95
Sly Cincher Belt
Style# 24005811, Brown, $78
Unknown Earrings, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 7 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Buttoned-Berm Pullover
Style# 23067531, Ivory, $88
Super Wale Skirt
Style# 22837017, Yellow, $88
High-Tied Boots
Style# 22779540, Red, $129.95
Duster Danglers
Style# 23517865, Neutral, $38
Mini Excursion Satchel
Style# 23128242, Black, $518

Fashion Show Outfit 8 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Graphic Flutters Dress
Style# 23142359, Multi, $278
Runway Lapel Coat
Style# 22581664, White, $198
Stivale Boots
Style# 22555973, Dark Grey, $328
Style# 23141682, Gold, $58

Fashion Show Outfit 9 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Slouched Stitches Pullover
Style# 23713761, Beige, $88
Unknown Pants, similar HERE
Style# 21176557, Red, $179.95
Solaris Scarf
Style# 21355623, Purple, $58
Mutable Silhouettes Satchel
Style# 21118898, Brown, $938

Fashion Show Outfit 10 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Flickering Slip Dress
Style# 23539786, Nude, $198
Braided Toggle Sweatercoat
Style# 23515364, Neutral Motif, $188
Buckled Paddock Boots
Style# 22779185, Brown, $218
Nezbah Earrings
Style# 22902043, White, $48
Unknown Hairclip, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 11 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Tropica Jacquard Mini-Dress
Style# 23463334, Black Motif, $198
Graublau Blazer
Style# 21252028, Grey, $148
Stacked Strap Heels
Style# 20875720, Taupe, $99.95
Opaque Tights, Blue
Style# 23451362, Blue, $15
Crossed Path Clutch
Style# 22757454, Brown, $148

Fashion Show Outfit 12 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Valparaiso Dress
Style# 23220601, Green, $158
Style# 23384084, Gold, $15
Unknown Shoes, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 13 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Impasto Pullover
Style# 23104466, Multi, $188
Joe's Cavalier Ponte
Style# 23773294, Turquoise, $169
Buckled Paddock Boots
Style# 22779185, Cream, $218

Fashion Show Outfit 14 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Layered Column Dress
Style# 21181631, Black Motif, $178
Concise Denim Jacket
Style# 21069075, Dark Denim, $128
Carapace Wedges
Style# 22582936, Brown, $178
Style# 22539423, Pink, $128

Fashion Show Outfit 15 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Sequin Swirled Pullover
Style# 23889934, Brown, $168
Style# 23189079, Red Motif, $228
Tegu Platforms
Style# 22814719, Brown, $168
Unknown Belt, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 16 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Frosted Boucle Pullover
Style# 23405574, Grey, $98
Tile-Quilted Pencil Skirt
Style# 23447501, Green Motif, $118
Stivale Boots
Style# 22555973, Dark Grey, $328
Canyon De Chelly Scarf
Style# 21150123, Orange, $98
Unknown Earrings, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 17 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Iced Garland Cowlneck
Style# 23403751, Ivory, $128
Gilded Jacquard Crops
Style# 23555535, Gold, $148
Minnow Drops
Style# 23518251, Gold, $38
Unknown Shoes, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 18 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Cloudleaf Funnelneck
Style# 23123375, Ivory, $148
Twinkle Lights Pencil Skirt
Style# 23169352, Green, $218
Buckled Paddock Boots
Style# 22779185, Brown, $218

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