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8:09 AM

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Good morning everyone! This is a weekly feature where I post { freshly picked } Anthro items. So many lovely items added this week! What are your current fresh picks?

Check out these Fresh Picks...

Goji Plaid Dress
Style# 23546005
Color: Red Motif
Price: $168

Sessile Harvest Top
Style# 23520224
Color: Yellow, Navy
Price: $68

Nubby Stripes Skirt
Style# 23175342
Color: Blue Motif
Price: $128

Flash Bulb Skimmers
Style# 22812754
Color: Gold, Black
Price: $188

Embroidered Eyelet Buttondown
Style# 23552391
Color: Green Motif, Copper, Yellow
Price: $118

Mangrove Soar Swimsuit Style# 23731458
Color: Carbon
Price: $78-$148

Oxford Sweater
Style# 23569478
Color: Gold Price: $88

Ducks In A Row Bracelet
Style# 23702459
Color: Gold Price: $68

Complementary Hewn Top
Style# 23666670
Color: Ivory, Purple, Black Price: $88

Fanning Boatneck
Style# 23583750
Color: Navy
Price: $58

Traced Trimmings Dress
Style# 23589328
Color: Blue Motif
Price: $158

Lemniscate Belt
Style# 23742497
Color: Assorted
Price: $48

Antique Magnolias Blouse
Style# 23124597
Color: Black Motif
Price: $188

Fabriella T-Straps
Style# 23164890
Color: Black, Nude, Blue
Price: $110

Knotted Lace Shirt
Style# 23524416
Color: Dark Orange, Dark Grey
Price: $68

Aubergine Sky Dress
Style# 23593205
Color: Dark Purple
Price: $168

Sparkling Bellini Tank
Style# 23523137
Color: Dark Grey, Tan
Price: $88

Marled & Mixed Pullover
Style# 23534118
Color: Green, Grey
Price: $88

Ribboned Collar Top
Style# 23624836
Color: Yellow, Navy
Price: $58

Bright Forecast Tank
Style# 23587595
Color: Blue Motif
Price: $88

Pierina Bow Pumps
Style# 23488174
Color: Lilac
Price: $168

Winter Postlude Top
Style# 23648603
Color: Green, Ivory
Price: $68

Pamyla Dress
Style# 22948350
Color: Black
Price: $228

Circuit Shine Necklace
Style# 23886468
Color: Silver, Pink, Clear
Price: $58

Indigo Scaled T-Straps
Style# 23728785
Color: Dark Blue
Price: $168

Naga Belt
Style# 23705528
Color: Grey
Price: $38

Last Call Jacket

Style# 22949291
Color: Ivory
Price: $288

Openwork Tee
Style# 23779390
Color: Red Motif
Price: $78

Vice-Versa Sarong
Style# 23740731
Color: Black & White
Price: $88

Rumpled Bowtie Beanie
Style# 23818297
Color: Ivory, Black
Price: $58

Piacenza Top
Style# 23751092
Color: Gold, Black
Price: $128

Thermic Bliss Socks
Style# 24024465
Color: Grey
Price: $138

Scent Of Augusta Clip
Style# 24164261
Color: Coral, Pink, Grey Price: $47

Japi Pullover
Style# 23699903
Color: Blue Motif
Price: $228

Wingtip Mary-Janes
Style# 22782916
Color: Chocolate
Price: $178

Aolani Hoops
Style# 24059420
Color: Blue, Green, Black Price: $188

La Turquesa Pouch

Style# 23724321
Color: Bronze, Cream, Grey Price: $98

Sporadic Stitchery Pullover Style# 23817737
Color: Red, Black
Price: $98

Fine Point Dress
Style# 23555030
Color: Purple Motif
Price: $168

Furled Gold Heels
Style# 23379878
Color: Peach
Price: $368
Emaline Pullover
Style# 23836984
Color: Grey, Plum
Price: $58

Brass Bract Belt
Style# 24028003
Color: Black
Price: $78

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