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Anthropologie is getting into the Christmas spirit with their 20 Days A'Gifting Giveaway. Everyday, for 20 days, they will be giving away 1 gift to 1 lucky winner. You can enter everyday to win the gift of the day! That is 20 days, 20 gifts and 20 lucky winners! Each day a new gift will be revealed for you to win! So what's the gift today?

Today's Gift is Art Like No Other featuring the Trois Oiseaux by Nathalie Lete. This painting retails for $2000. I know the painting name is different above, but I think either Anthro messed up or this is what the series of paintings is called. The painting Anthro is showing is called the Trois Oiseaux. The Oiseau Dans Les Sapins looks completely different HERE. I love the concept and colors behind the painting and would love to hang this in my house.

If this is your first day entering Anthro's giveaway, enter HERE.

If you already have entered the giveaway from a previous day, sign into your giveaway account HERE to enter.

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Good luck to all that enter! If you end up winning, please comment and let us know! (Jeff commented yesterday that he was the winner of 5 Jars A Hooting!)

*I've read the rules for the 20 Days A'Gifting Giveaway and it states the winner is contacted by email or mail within 3 days of the contest day ending for them to claim their prize.

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