Year In Review {My Top 11 Anthro Items of 2011}

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Good morning everyone! Can you believe that 2011 is coming to a close? I can't believe how fast this year went by. I wanted to take a look back at some of my favorite Anthropologie items from this year. There were a lot of items I loved that came out this year so it was a little hard to narrow this list down to the top 11 items. It seems that most of my favorite items are dresses, which I don't think a girl can have too many of. Any items missing from this list that were on your list? What are your favorite items from 2011?

Favorite #1  >  Gathering Breeze Dress

Who didn't love the Gathering Breeze Dress that debuted in June? With the beautiful lacey sweetheart bodice and the flowy seafoam jersey bottom, it was a perfect combination for a very, very popular dress that sold out online and in-stores quickly. I was lucky enough to find a Size 2 with a broken zipper that I am so glad I tracked down. I paid almost full price and it's worth every penny since it's one of the most beautiful Anthro pieces I have in my closet. If you missed out on the original, in October, Lil released a sister version called the Lace & Light Dress which is a black and beige version that also includes a sash.

Favorite #2  >  Dulcie Dress
Oh the Dulcie Dress and how you are just so feminine and soft. With it's debut in October, my mouth fell open when I saw this little number on the Anthro site. I love the pointelle sweaterknit top and the flowy ballerina skirt. It is very girly, romantic and lovely. Another dress I added to my Anthro collection this year.

Favorite #3  >  Seashell Cardigan
With it's debut in February, the Seashell Cardigan, previously known as Anadyomene Cardigan, made it's way on to the Anthro scene. I'm not sure why Anthro changed the name, but I do think the second name is much better. Both the Ivory and Turquoise versions sold out fairly quickly online and just looking at the cardigan, you can see why. I was drawn to the scalloped sweetheart neckline, 3/4 sleeves and colorways, which really made the cardigan unique. Both colorways made their way into my closet on sale.

Favorite #4  >  AG Stevie Ankle
2011 brought colored denim into my wardrobe and I'm so glad that I gave it a try. I love wearing my AG Stevie Ankle in Green, Sulfur and Bright Red. It really brings a splash of color to any outfit and makes it more playful and fun. My favorite brand of jeans are AG's as they are very comfortable and the length is perfect for my 5'3'' height. I'm hoping to create a whole rainbow of denim in my wardrobe in 2012 as you can't go wrong with colored denim.

Favorite #5  >  Frilled Echelons Peacoat
The Frilled Echelons Peacoat is one of my favorite jackets in my closet and I wear it a couple times a week. With is debut in August, the jacket got a lot of buzz in the Anthro blogging community. I got to try it on instore after the Roseville Close Knit Fall Fashion Show and bought the Moss color at full price since the Turquoise color in person was really more of a Royal Blue, which I didn't like. Once the jacket hit sale, I decided I really did want the Turquoise version more but it was already sold out online and instore. I went into my local Anthro and there was one hanging in the sale room in my size and it looked Turquoise, not Blue. I'm not sure if the batch that was originally at my local Anthro was different, but the jacket I have looks exactly like the product shot to the left. I love this jackets as its warm and the cowlneck and ruffled tiers make it adorable. One of my favorite purchases of 2011.

Favorite #6  >  Tegu Platforms
I have been eyeing the Tegu Platforms ever since they debuted in October. After seeing my size sell out online and instore fairly quickly, I was very lucky to buy the last size 7, according to Customer Service (which I'm sure there are some 7's out there still), at the San Francisco store earlier this month with my Birthday discount. I really wanted a 6.5 but CS said there were no more anywhere. Schuler & Sons is one of my favorite shoe brands from Anthro and this platform doesn't disappoint. It is surprisingly comfortable for the 4.5'' height and the bows on the toe are just adorable. I also really like the snake pattern mixed with the suede. They seem to go with everything in my closet!

Favorite #7  >  Verdant Slip Dress
With it's debut in April, the Verdant Slip Dress made its way on to the Anthro scene with a bang. Many Anthro bloggers raved about the dress so I had to give it a try for myself. My local Anthro didn't have my size so I did a charge and send. Once I received the dress, it fit perfect and I could see why everyone was raving. It was soft, lightweight, flowy, feminine and color and rose print were gorgeous in person. I decided to wear this dress to a Disneyland Wedding I attended in June. Another lovely dress that has a special place in my closet.

Favorite #8  >  Spinning Top Necklace
The Spinning Top Necklace made its debut in January. It didn't get very good reviews online, but I still loved the way it looked so I decided to give it a try. I wear this necklace at least once a week and everytime I wear it, I get a lot of compliments. It adds a little fun and sparkle to any outfit. I like the longer chain and bauble of pearls and stones.

Favorite #9  >  Tupelo Dress
The Tupelo Dress wasn't really on my Anthro radar until I tried it on in store when it debuted back in July. It fits like a glove and the golden leaf print, vibrant blue colorway, sweetheart neckline and open back just makes the dress perfect. It is stretchy and comfortable and just lovely on. I actually haven't worn the dress yet, but plan to this Spring once the weather gets warmer with either a yellow or red cardigan, belt and heels or flats.

Favorite #10  >  Superfluous Bellows Hoodie
The Superfluous Bellows Hoodie was another item that I admired online and every time I went into my local Anthro, they didn't have it in stock. My size X-Small sold out way before it hit sale online and I just decided that I had to let this one go. After a couple months went by, I decided I just needed to track one down. I saw one for sale and immediately purchased it and I was really impressed. It's very soft, comfortable, stretchy and I love the pleated ruffled bottom, muted color and ruched material. I wear this hoodie all the time, not just at home, but with jeans and Ugg's and I've received many compliments. I'm glad I decided to give this hoodie a second look.

Favorite #11 >  Around The Maypole Dress
The Around the Maypole Dress debuted in February and I was immediately drawn to the embroidered pattern on the bust and bottom of the dress. I finally tried it on not to long after and fell in love with the fit and look of the dress. It really fits like a glove with the structured and fitted waist and the length is perfect for my 5'3'' height. Girls from Savoy later released a Red colorway with beige embroidery which was also lovely. I purchased the original colorway once it hit sale earlier this year. Another lovely dress that made it's way into my Anthro collection.

Honorable Mentions
        Back Porch Blouse                Take Action Dress                  Go-Getter Pants                    Mompos Dress

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