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6:33 PM

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Good evening everyone and hope you are enjoying your weekend! I've had multiple requests to style the Dulcie Dress in Neutral Motif as some of you are wearing this dress to Holiday parties, weddings and get togethers. I've kept these sets very simple and elegant. If you want to see how I styled the Dulcie Dress in Black Motif, CLICK HERE. Do any of these looks catch your eye? If you want me to style something for you, email me.

Styling Set 1 (Click photo to see Polyvore)
Weston Wear Dulcie Dress
Style# 22932032, Neutral Motif, $158

Atacama Cropped Cardi
Style# 23169931, Neutral Motif, $158

Miss Albright Pierina Bow Pumps
Style# 23488174, Lilac, $168

Eloise Spotted Diamonds Tights
Style# 23129083, Black Motif, $88

Coiling Branch Hoops
Style# 22904460, Pink, $32

Circuit Shine Necklace
Style# 23886468, Pink, $58

Styling Set 2 (Click photo to see Polyvore)
Weston Wear Dulcie Dress
Style# 22932032, Neutral Motif, $158

John & Jenn Alpheratz Sweater
Style# 23469695, Beige, $178

Seychelles All Illuminated Heels
Style# 23083207, Gold, $95

Also buy HERE & HERE
Marled Cloud Loop
Style# 22699797, Ivory, $48

Refined & Rough-Hewn Necklace
Style# 21117510, Grey, $98

Frozen Abydos Posts
Style# 23410343, Gold, $28

Styling Set 3 (Click photo to see Polyvore)
Weston Wear Dulcie Dress
Style# 22932032, Neutral Motif, $158

Jane Wheeler Winking Sky Cardigan
Style# 23640725, Navy, $128

Miss Albright Pierina Bow Pumps
Style# 23488174, Lilac, $168

Leg Apparel Dusted Tights
Style# 23614530, Neutral, $22
Ruffled Mountains Scarf
Style# 22754154, Coral, $48

Looking Glass Necklace, Pearl
Style# 24319832, Assorted, $228

Pave Posts
Style# 741809, Silver, $24

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