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9:30 AM

Note: I went to Anthro Monday and did reviews for you lovelies. Stay tuned tomorrow for reviews!

Note: Did you wear something adorable this week you want to share for all to see? Submit your Reader Outfit for Reader Outfits: What We Wear which posts on Sundays where I showcase all of your outfits to view. Even if you aren't wearing Anthro, please submit your outfit. This feature is open to all! You can find all the details HERE. Can't wait to see what you ladies are wearing this week!

Good morning everyone! This will be a weekly feature where I post { freshly picked } Anthro items. So many lovely items added this week, especially the Dulcie Dress, which I featured HERE and Weston Wear even commented on my blog about their new lovely dress. Ahhhh...I'm swooning. What are your current fresh picks?

Check out these Fresh Picks...

Dulcie Dress
Style# 22932032
Color: Neutral Motif, Black Motif
Price: $168

Noble Trench
Style# 22869333
Color: Green
Price: $448
Review coming soon.

Audrey Tulle Dress
Style# 23452642
Color: Black
Price: $398

Akasha Top
Style# 22948012
Color: Ivory, Black
Price: $68

Breezed Needlework Top
Style# 23489842
Color: Ivory, Green, Pink, Dark Grey
Price: $78
Review coming soon.

Autumn Equinox Turtleneck
Style# 22892848
Color: Multi
Price: $128

Pleated Petals Cami
Style# 23078454
Color: Multi
Price: $78

Ellington Necklace
Style# 23415755
Color: Black
Price: $48

Rows & Ruffles Sweaterdress
Style# 21126438
Color: Red Motif
Price: $568

Lozenge Pullover
Style# 23104409
Color: Grey, Purple
Price: $78

Bobbled Argyle Tunic
Style# 22586499
Color: Gold, Dark Grey
Price: $118

Balkhash Shawl
Style# 21331558
Color: Multi
Price: $298

Loka Blouse
Style# 23103195
Color: Moss, Nude
Price: $48

Roxelana Dress
Style# 22824965
Color: Turquoise
Price: $198

Spot-Lit Salvia Top
Style# 23125578
Color: Black Motif
Price: $118

Plaited Shoulder Tee
Style# 23099468
Color: Black Motif, Orange, Navy, Green, Beige Price: $58

Lengthening Rays Skirt
Style# 20817409
Color: Brown, Green
Price: $128

Tea Rose Velvet Blazer
Style# 23385107
Color: Brown Motif
Price: $148

Little Bit Mini-Bag
Style# A21085311
Color: Green
Price: $148

J Brand 29" Skinny
Style# 22527204
Color: Songbird
Price: $191

Back Porch Dress
Style# 21285713
Color: Brown, Orange
Price: $158
Review coming soon.

Rakish & Roughhewn Heels
Style# 23120066
Color: Gold
Price: $278

Night Sky Blouse
Style# 22571111
Color: Grey Motif
Price: $228

Recollection Necklace
Style# 23462930
Color: Gold
Price: $68

Catalan Tee
Style# 23084544
Color: Grey Motif
Price: $68

Talgarth Pencil Skirt
Style# 23077134
Color: Blue Motif
Price: $148

Vanda Scoopneck
Style# 21063979
Color: Grey Motif
Price: $78

Tricks And Treats Dress
Style# 23538739
Color: Green, Brown
Price: $118

Sweetheart Shrug Tee
Style# 23685654
Color: Red, Turquoise, Black, Cedar
Price: $68

Perched Harmonies Necklace
Style# 23718067
Color: Assorted
Price: $68

Many Folds Dress
Style# 23140262
Color: Black & White
Price: $168
Review coming soon.

Sweet Nothings Necklace
Style# 23703762
Color: Grey Motif, Silver Price: $88

Beaded Stripe Shell
Style# 23479181
Color: Plum, Navy
Price: $148

Tartan Boucle Blazer
Style# 23302508
Color: Red Motif
Price: $148

Borrowed Cables Sweatshirt
Style# 23299712
Color: Ivory
Price: $88

Pthalo-Blocked Blouse
Style# 23419617
Color: Blue
Price: $198

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