Anthropologie Dressing Room Requests

11:30 AM

Hello all you Anthro lovers! I am making a trip to our favorite store, Anthropologie, early next week to do some reviews for you. If there is an item(s) you want reviewed, please post a comment with the name of the item or style number. If there is a specific color you want reviewed, please let me know that as well. Looking forward to see what you ladies are eyeing for the Fall season!

Here are the requests so far...

Veiled Alder Dress

Style# 22887426
Requested by: Terrie

Unconditional Osier Dress

Style# 22804454
Requested by:Terrie

Pointelle Variations Sweaterdress

Style# 23103690
Requested by: Terrie

Alary Shirtdress

Style# 22897748
Requested by: Brittany

Anshan Booties

Style# 21034871
Requested by: peipei

Fractal Medallion Maxi

Style# 23418726
Requested by: nesdamycart

Valea Skirt

Style# 22958870
Requested by: bummed

Pleated Ponte Skirt

Style# 22877096
Requested by: bummed

Outlined Celandine Cardi

Style# 23145022
Requested by: bummed

Marled Bands Pullover

Style# 21058540
Requested by: bummed

Golden Spectrum Sweater Skirt

Style# 22865851
Requested by: bummed

Sorbet Skirt

Style# 20975611
Requested by: bummed

Last Blooming Skirt

Style# 22755847
Requested by: bummed

Many Folds Dress

Style# 23140262
Requested by: KL_Eyes

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