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9:28 AM

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Good morning everyone! So many lovely items added this week, especially the Bedford Falls SkirtKites And Constellations CardiganShadowy Plena Peep-ToesGold Flecks Tank and the Fly Away Blouse. What are your current fresh picks?

Check out these Fresh Picks...

Fluted Ponte Dress
Style# 22880967
Color: Yellow
Price: $158

Billion Petals Pullover
Style# 23500648
Color: Blue Motif
Price: $118

Ardor Blouse
Style# 23583198
Color: Wine
Price: $98

Avacha Booties
Style# 21340740
Color: Moss
Price: $448

Cabildo Cardi
Style# 23420821
Color: Grey
Price: $78

Huddled Daises Blouse
Style# 23500499
Color: Orange
Price: $88

Cargo Pocket Sweater Skirt
Style# 23448095
Color: Blue
Price: $88

Tweeded Pullover
Style# 21126602
Color: Multi
Price: $390

Marquee Gemmed Heels
Style# 22556757
Color: Yellow
Price: $148

Irina Blouse
Style# 23168354
Color: Black
Price: $158

Flared & Cabled Sweater Dress
Style# 23451958
Color: Ivory, Bright Red
Price: $148

Bedford Falls Skirt
Style# 22633275
Color: Nude
Price: $298

Purl-Wise Pullover
Style# 23114903
Color: Orange
Price: $118

Lotte Blouse
Style# 21318159
Color: Black Motif
Price: $68

Dotline Boatneck
Style# 23699309
Color: Black Motif, Orange
Price: $58

Tile-Quilted Mini
Style# 23447147
Color: Orange Motif, Blue Motif
Price: $98

Pergola Booties
Style# 22559108
Color: Black
Price: $298

Fire Ants Maxi Dress
Style# 23301815
Color: Green Motif
Price: $298

Kites And Constellations Cardigan
Style# 22936769
Color: Navy
Price: $118

Tasman Bay Top
Style# 23538689
Color: Navy
Price: $88

Capra Leap Earrings
Style# 23721103
Color: Assorted
Price: $98

Banff Trail Belt
Style# 23531676
Color: Brown
Price: $138

Aldourie Fling Booties
Style# 21248703
Color: Yellow
Price: $98

Bow Peep Headband
Style# 23699200
Color: Gold, Silver, Black
Price: $32

Slither Kitten Heels
Style# 22781892
Color: Neutral Motif
Price: $148

Fly Away Blouse
Style# 23385156
Color: Ivory
Price: $168

Morse Code Necklace
Style# 23639057
Color: Lucky, SOS,
Amore, Friend
Price: $38

Single Malt Mary-Janes
Style# 21317482
Color: Sand
Price: $298

Frozen Abydos Posts
Style# 23410343
Color: Gold
Price: $28

Colorblocked Mini
Style# 21126834
Color: Yellow
Price: $348

Square, Circle, Triangle Necklace
Style# 23461379
Color: Gold
Price: $58

Jeweled Python Belt
Style# 22827356
Color: Orange
Price: $138

Sterling Kitten Heels
Style# 22819759
Color: Silver
Price: $148

Artist's Eye Top
Style# 22552434
Color: Wine, Beige
Price: $58

Cano Cristales Necklace
Style# 23518194
Color: Assorted
Price: $48

Arrowsic Ankle Boots
Style# 22211072
Color: Wine
Price: $178

Wattens Glint Belt
Style# 22827240
Color: Lavender
Price: $188

Shadowy Plena Peep-Toes
Style# 21276613
Color: Grey
Price: $448

Fine Lines Sweater
Style# 22920995
Color: Red Motif
Price: $148

Gold Flecks Tank
Style# 22886857
Color: Medium Pink, Navy
Price: $128

Onyx Tank Dress
Style# 23611601
Color: Black
Price: $148

Drawing Room Necklace
Style# 23510464
Color: Assorted
Price: $48

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