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11:11 PM

Good evening everyone and welcome to the another fabulous edition of Reader Outfits: What We Wear. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! If you would like to be included in next week's Reader Outfits, What We Wear, CLICK HERE. As you can see below, I have included some "similar items" that I've found online for the items these ladies are wearing. You will then be able recreate their outfit even if you can't find the same exact items they are wearing.

Check out what these lovely ladies are wearing this week...

Name: Brittany
Blog: Blonde Brittany

Outfit Details
Plenty by Tracy Reese Mompos Dress, sim. HERE
Old Navy Perfect Cardigan, sim. HERE
Forever 21 Tights, sim. HERE
Forever 21 Ring, sim. HERE
Seychelles Mixed Emotions Pumps

Brittany is back again this week looking so adorable in the Mompos Dress. I love how she paired the dress with a pink cardigan, polka dot bow pumps and textured tights. So cute!

Name: Cheryl

Outfit Details
Lil First Hints Blouse, sim. HERE
Cartonnier Trenchcoat Skirt, sim. HERE
Give Me a Colossuem Sandal, sim. HERE

Cheryl is back again this week looking cute in a gorgeous floral blouse paired with a lovely pencil skirt and gladiator sandals. Adorable!

Name: Shannon
Blog: Shannon ♥'s

Outfit Details
Stylemint Tee, sim. HERE, HERE
Lil Draped Viola Skirt, sim. HERE
Cartonnier Nepal Jacket, sim. HERE
Seychelles Hydrangea Pump, sim. HERE
Stella & Dot Odyssey Ring, sim. HERE
Golden Pinnate Necklace, sim. HERE

Shannon is back again this week looking gorgeous as always wearing one of my favorite new arrivals, the Draped Viola Skirt. I love how she pattern mixed the floral and stripes. I love those shoes! They seem to go with everything. Gorgeous!

Name: Nadja
Blog: My Koo Kloset

Outfit Details
J. Crew Striped Top, sim. HERE
Tracy Reese Peppered and Striped Skirt, sim. HERE
Opaque Tights, sim. HERE
Payless Flats, sim. HERE

Nadja (and her cat...hehe) is back again this week wearing the very popular Peppered and Striped Skirt. I really love the way she also pattern mixed the polka dots and stripes and never would have thought of wearing a greenish-yellow with this skirt. I love the Winterized look with the tights and flats. Lovely!

Name: Sayaka
Blog: Happily Ever Anthro

Outfit Details
Girls from Savoy Sincerely Paris Halter Dress
Seychelles Spacebar Pumps
Anthropologie Necklace, sim. HERE
Mossimo Striped Clutch, sim. HERE

Sayaka is back again this week wearing another one of my favorite new arrivals, the Sincerely Paris Halter Dress. I love the postal print of the dress. It looks so lovely on her with the whisky bow pumps, striped clutch and blue stone necklace. Looking gorgeous!

Name: Dajana
Blog: All Kinds of Lovely

Outfit Details
Bailey 44 Slung Sash Tee
Old Navy Flirt Jeans, sim. HERE
H&M Blazer, sim. HERE
Feet First Boots, sim. HERE
Banana Republic Earrings

Dajana is back again this week wearing the fabulous Slung Sash Tee paired with a plaid-stripe blazer, jeans and adorable cognac boots. I love the casual, yet chic look and I can't wait to recreate this! Adorable!

Name: Skylette
Blog: Sequins & Stilettos

Outfit Details
Porridge Bedecked Flounce Tee
AE Jegging, sim. HERE
Old Navy Wedges, sim. HERE
J. Crew Belt, sim. HERE, HERE
J. Crew Bracelet
Forever 21 Owl Necklace, sim. HERE

Skylette is back again this week wearing yet another new arrival I'm loving right now, the Bedecked Flounce Tee. The back of the tee has a big polka dot type print. I love the navy blue paired with the bright pink belt, white skinny jeans and wedges. So very cute!

Name: Flower

Outfit Details
Sariah Dots Within Blouse, sim. HERE
Lia Molly Naturally Sweet Sweater, sim. HERE
Mossimo Skinny Jeans, sim. HERE
Holding Horses Inkwood Boots, sim. HERE

Flower is back again this week wearing a gorgeous green dot blouse paired with the Mossimo yellow jeans that are so cute and affordable! I love these bright colors paired with the black striped sweater and boots. Fabulous!

If you would like to be included in next week's Reader Outfits, What We Wear, CLICK HERE.

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