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4:47 PM

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Good evening everyone! So many lovely Anthro sightings this week! Thanks to my readers for sending me their sightings! I love seeing how Anthropologie items are styled for TV and celebrities! Did you spot an Anthropologie item while watching one of your favorite TV shows or on a celebrity on TV, in person or in a magazine? If so, email me or submit this form to be included next week!

Swoop & Glide Pullover
Spotted on Dexter (Season 6, Episode 5: The Angel of Death)

Baker's Delight Apron
Spotted on Big Time Rush (Season 2, Episode 6: Big Time Sneakers)

Checked Crops
Spotted on Once Upon a Time (Season 1, Episode 13: What Happened to Frederick)

Kites And Constellations Cardigan
Spotted on Switched at Birth (Season 1, Episode 17: Protect Me From What I Want) by Jess

Mariposa Tank
Spotted on Psych (Season 6, Episode 9: Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat) by Nadine

Rodna Halter Dress
Spotted on Allison Pill

Horn Section Jacket
Spotted on Zooey Deschanel 

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