OOTD (Outfit of the Day) | Sidespun Tee

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Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great evening.

Last night my boyfriend and I went to Round 1 of Sushi Smackdown, a new pilot being shot for Food Network where 4 of the best Sushi restaurants battle for the top Sushi restaurant in Sacramento. It's a 4 week long competition where you go to 1 restaurant each week to try 18 different sushi dishes from each restaurant and vote on the best. We started this week at Sushi Mon by Sky in Roseville, CA. All the food was SO amazing! I love how I got to try so many things on the menu that I never would have thought about ordering before, like the Tuna Tartar or the Melts In Your Mouth (which did melt in my mouth). I can't wait for Round 2 next Tuesday! I even got interviewed so I might make the show once it airs. I decided to wear something simple and cute so I wore the Sidespun Tee, AG Stevies and some Express sandals.

Bailey 44 Sidespun Tee  |  Style# 18710475  |  Green Motif  |  XS  |  $88  |  REVIEW  |  OOTD  |   Sold out online
AG Stevie  |  Style# 19446046  |  Market  |  25  |  $99.95  |  Sold out online, BUY (other washes)
Express Sequin Sandals  |  Gold  |  8  |  $22.50  |  Sold out, Circa Summer 2010
Arden B Grape Cluster Necklace  |  Gold  |  $24.50  |  Sold out online, Circa Spring 2009

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What I Bought | Anthro Sale | 8.30.11

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Good morning everyone! Didn't you just love the sale yesterday? A lot of goodies finally hit sale like the Gathering Breeze Dress and the Sugared Dress! YAH for all who were waiting for those! I caved early and purchased the Gathering Breeze Dress in a size 2 a month or so ago on a discounted price with a broken zipper. I haven't had the chance to fix the zipper to see if it fits my correctly yet. Once I get the zipper fixed and if it doesn't fit me (BIG sad face), the dress will be Up For Grabs. In the meantime, if you are interested, let me know. I also got the Zigzag Maillot on popback for only $39.95 (Regular price $258).

Did you buy anything from this sale? Are you still eyeing anything?

Here's what I bought...

Rugby Stripe Blouson
Style# 21209879
Size: XS

Strappy Dandelion Dress
Style# 21097118
Size: 2

Gathering Breeze Dress
Style# 21389614
Size: 2
Bought about a month ago

Style# 21327580
Size: S
Bought on popback for $39.95
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Anthropologie Catalog | September 2011

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Good morning everyone! HERE is Anthropologie's September 2011 catalog link. This catalog location was shot in the Maramures region of Romania and Budapest. (location corrected via Anthropologie)

See anything you just must have? See any outfits that catch your eye? I'm eyeing the Nicoleta Blouse, the Written-In-Stars Heels, Slouched Keyhole Sweater, Thousand Carat Pullover, Dantela Corset Top, Bowed Lacerta Mary-Janes, which I just purchased a couple weeks ago, and the Frilled Echelons Peacoat, REVIEW HERE, which I purchased last week after the Close Knit Fashion Show. Stay tuned for my My Picks: September.

To view all catalogs back to 2004, CLICK HERE.
Posted by : Elizabeth Tanin

Anthropologie Sale | My Faves

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Hey everyone. It's markdown time! Here are my favorite markdown's from this sale. I've been feeling under the weather lately and haven't had any energy to stay up and do the sales posts. Just a note, FREE shipping is BACK through September 30, 2011, when your order contains a full priced item. No minimum or code required.

If you don't have an Anthro card, GET ONE! It's free and takes seconds to sign up. You can do in-store returns and price adjustments without a receipt, you get birthday discounts and first looks at new items! To sign up for an Anthro card, CLICK HERE. To link your Anthro card to you Anthro online account, CLICK HERE. Also, if there is any item that is sold out in your size that you want, call CS at (800) 309-2500. Just give them the style number and your size and they will find it at any Anthro store in the US and ship it to you. It's really easy and they are always super helpful and nice!

To view the SALE markdowns, visit Effortless Anthropologie or Anthropologie's Fresh Cuts.

Did you buy anything or plan on buying anything from this sale? I recently purchased the Gathering Breeze Dress in a size 2 with a broken zipper at a discounted price. I hope to get the zipper fixed soon so I can try it on and see if it actually fits. I hope it does! Happy shopping everyone!


Picacho Dress
Style# 22498505
Color: Orange
Price: $69.95

Gathering Breeze Dress
Style# 21389614
Color: Green
Price: $129.95

Strappy Dandelion Dress
Style# 21097118
Color: Blue Motif
Price: $69.95

Sugared Dress
Style# 21182431
Color: Blue Motif
Price: $99.95

Quilted Pastiche Maxi
Style# 22516744
Color: Grey Motif
Price: $119.95

Bright Bandana Dress
Style# 20748760
Color: Gold
Price: $79.95


Beekeeper Blouse
Style# 21120977
Color: Red Motif
Price: $39.95

Flourishing Stripes Tank
Style# 20708137
Color: Blue Motif, Grey Motif
Price: $39.95

Rugby Stripe Blouson
Style# 21209879
Color: Mocha Stripe, Seafoam Stripe
Price: $39.95

Frannie Camisole
Style# 20848917
Color: White
Price: $39.95

Gallica Tank
Style# 22592224
Color: White
Price: $39.95

Leaf Filigree Tank
Style# 21014402
Color: Orange, White
Price: $39.95

Silk Blooms Eternal Top
Style# 20402616
Color: Sky, Blue, Navy, Blue Motif
Price: $49.95


Bosky Lace Skirt
Style# 21239215
Color: Green Motif
Price: $59.95

Million Pleats Midi
Style# 21195490
Color: Pink, Black
Price: $79.95


Ship Shape Shorts
Style# 20229910
Color: Grey, Dark Blue
Price: $39.95

Posted by : Elizabeth Tanin

My Lust List | September 2011

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Hey everyone. Hope you all have had a good weekend. This will be a new monthly feature where I showcase what I'm currently lusting over. I just purchased the Miss Albright Bowed Lacerta Mary-Janes and they are just oh so lovely in person. They do fit TTS. Miss Albright is all over the place in their sizing but I bought a size 7 in these and they fit perfect.

Did you see the Close Knit Fall Fashion Show video and photos? CLICK HERE to view the fabulous show and outfits.

Do you see anything you like? What are you currently lusting over?

American Eagle Off-Shoulder Lace Inset
Style# 4374_913
Color: Pink Punch
Price: $29.50

American Eagle Off-Shoulder Lace Inset
Style# 4374_913
Color: Dark Pewter
Price: $29.50

Moth Thousand Carat Pullover
Style# 21292586
Color: Orange
Price: $98

Leifsdottir Ottoman Poppies Tank
Style# 22777288
Color: Neutral Motif
Price: $178

Cartonnier Sepviva Pullover
Style# 21289426
Color: Wine
Price: $68

Podolls Two Rivers Tee
Style# 22224042
Color: Blue Motif
Price: $68

Bourdeax Banded Ripples Tee
Style# 22759013
Color: Turquoise
Price: $68

Splendid Last Stop Sweatshirt
Style# 21337399
Color: Orange
Price: $88

Bourdeax Starred Entry Tee
Style# 22760227
Color: Orange
Price: $68

Odonate Epiprocta Renewed Folds Pullover
Style# 21206164
Color: Moss
Price: $68

Ganni Noon & Night Dress
Style# 22608699
Color: Wine
Price: $268

Elevenses Hampden Pea Coat
Style# 21325774
Color: Brown
Price: $198

Pilcro Stet Slim Straight
Style# B22527774
Color: Pink
Price: $98

Pilcro Stet Slim Straight
Style# B22527774
Color: Moss
Price: $98

AG Stevie Ankle
Style# B22527774
Color: Kelly Green
Price: $158

Leifsdottir Liisa Flats
Style# 22686448
Color: Taupe
Price: $188

Schuler & Sons Hitched Knee Boots
Style# 21046115
Color: Brown
Price: $268

American Eagle Wedge Boot
Style# 0411_2527
Color: Chestnet
Price: $79.50

Schuler & Sons Stacked Strap Heels
Style# 20875720
Color: Taupe
Price: $168

Schuler & Sons Chiseled Wedges
Style# 20802773
Color: Black
Price: $168

Seychelles Sloan T-Straps
Style# 21129770
Color: Green
Price: $98

Posted by : Elizabeth Tanin

Fabulous Friday Fits | Noon & Night Dress

Hey everyone and Happy Friday!

Did you see the Close Knit Fall Fashion Show photos and video? CLICK HERE to view the fabulous outfits from the Fashion Show!

Have a fabulous weekend!

(click Photo to view Polyvore set)
Style# 22608699, Wine, $158, REVIEW
Style# 22565410, Ivory,  $78
Style# 21036280, Brown, $168
Bassel Textured Dots Tights
Style# 23130305, Grey Motif, $18
Style# 22814347, Assorted, $48
Isaphan Chandeliers
Style# 22223226, Pink, $198
Posted by : Elizabeth Tanin

Close Knit Fall Fashion Show | Roseville, CA

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Good morning everyone! Here are the Close Knit Fall Fashion Show photos and video. The Roseville staff did such an excellent job on putting together the Fashion Show. The girls all looked amazing! I'm getting oh so excited for Fall! Aren't you? Do you see any outfits that you must have? Please share! (If you know any names of the items that say "unknown" please let me know). Don't see the Fashion Show video below? CLICK HERE.

Fashion Show Outfit 1 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Sparrow Stash Away Cardi
Style# 21307319, Yellow, $88
Edme & Esyllte Aniseed Wide-Leg
Style# 22752877, Navy, $148
Pilcro Leaf Trinket Flats
Style# C21060587, Green, $98
Dawn to Dusk Scarf
Style# 22227862, Orange, $48

Fashion Show Outfit 2 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Maeve Lepidoptera Dress
Style# 22807150, Neutral Motif, $158, REVIEW
Charlie & Robin Felted Colorbar Cardigan
Style# 22593362,  Dark Grey, $118
Unknown Legwear, similar HERE
Unknown Shoes, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 3 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Style# 22751044, Black Motif, $58
Style# 22647101,  Gold, $128, REVIEW
Bold Braided Belt
Style# 22525943, Orange, $28
Unknown Shoes, similar HERE
Unknown Bag, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 4 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Style# 22647424, Grey Motif, $228
Style# 19871235,  Blue, $79.95
Style# 22921563, Gold, $48
Style# 20835229, Sand, $198
Bacci Stitched Scarlet Cloche
Style# 21344338, Red, $58
Unknown Legwear

Fashion Show Outfit 5 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Cartonnier Sepviva Pullover
Style# 21289426, Wine, $68, REVIEW
Elevenses Wind Garden Culottes
Style# 21303714, Navy, $128
Striped Steps Socks
Style# 22853220, Black Motif, $18
Alchemist Belt
Style# 21344569, Gold, $32
Unknown shoes, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 6 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Deletta Slubby Tulip Dress
Style# 20393468, Navy, $168
Penobscot Belt
Style# 21363619, Black, $48
Color Swatch Scarf
Style# 22227698, Pink, $48
Schuler & Sons Tack Room Heels
Style# 20780011, Black, $79.95
Unknown Earrings, similar HERE
Unknown Bracelet/Bangles, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 7 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Pilcro Printed Boy Tee, Bugs
Style# B20858122, Ivory, $38
AG Stevie Ankle
Style# B20471538, Kelly Green, $158
Sparrow Anza Cardi
Style# 22620132, Gold, $49.95
Chi Mihara Cocodrilo Heels
Style# 20734315, Brown, $388
Transatlantic Bag
Style# 21120324, Red, $288

Fashion Show Outfit 8 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Odonate Epiprocta Renewed Folds Pullover
Style# 21206164, Moss, $68
Girls From Savoy Yumi Skirt
Style# 20847810, Navy, $88
Solaris Scarf
Style# 21355623, Purple, $58
Unknown Miss Albright Pumps, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 9 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

JJ by Julia Haus Arced Crosshatch Blouse
Style# 21150057, Black Motif, $148
J Brand High-Waist Bette Flares
Style# 22217657, Mystery, $218
Zinc-Zing Belt
Style# 21336748, Brown, $38
Color Slice Necklace
Style# 22529481, Red, $138
Stop Sign Hoops
Style# 22827604, Gold, $98
Rare Vintage Carpetbag
Style# 22605661, Red, $158
Reed Evins Lotus Unfolding Heels
Style# 21364286, Red, $258

Fashion Show Outfit 10 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Moth Thames Pullover
Style# 22501308, Ivory, $88
Maple Understorey Skirt
Style# 22563605, Black Motif, $98
Clasped Fedora
Style# 21337589, Navy, $58
Unknown Shoes, similar HERE
Unknown Necklace, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 11 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Bailey 44 Instant Classic Tee, Stripes
Style# 22519847, Neutral Motif, $68
Madchen Fatigue Finery Cape
Style# 21359708, Green, $298
AG Stevie Ankle
Style# D20471538, Sulfur Plum, $158
Lonko Earrings
Style# 22815104, Gold, $98
Fishtail Headband
Style# 22565774, Gold, $32
Unknown Shoes, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 12 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Maeve Havana Fresca Skirt
Style# 22831044, Bright Red, $98
Style# 21336748, Brown, $38
Sleeping on Snow Cabled Camellia Pullover
Style# 22507180, Blue, $118
Unknown Shoes, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 13 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Sariah Carson Gameboard Dress
Style# 22189898, Green Motif, $188, REVIEW
Lauren Moffat Eastward Dress Coat
Style# 22512990, Coral, $288, REVIEW
Thales Tote
Style# 20835203, Cocoa, $238
Enchanting Eyes Belt
Style# 19119239, Brown, $54
Unknown Shoes, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 14 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Meadow Rue Gallica Tank
Style# 22592224, Neutral Motif, $78
Pilcro Stet Slim Straight
Style# A22527774, Gold, $98
Elevenses Frilled Echelons Peacoat
Style# 21268321, Turquoise, $148, REVIEW
Unknown Shoes, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 15 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Porridge Loosened Shelby Blouse
Style# 20964912, Yellow Motif, $58
Style# 21313945, Dark Denim, $118
Style# 20770137, Taupe, $128
Unknown Shoes, similar HERE

Fashion Show Outfit 16 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Postmark Drape & Twist Tee
Style# 20895173, Orange, $58
Charlie & Robin Eton Cropped Cardi
Style# 22565410, Navy, $78
Cartonnier Trenchcoat Skirt
Style# 22636393, Moss, $138
Chiapas Scarf
Style# 22151336, Neutral Motif, $178
Kron by Kronkron Portable Art Platforms
Style# 22202741, Green, $488

Fashion Show Outfit 17 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Moth Twin Shadows Sweater
Style# 22565295, Grey, $88
Tabitha Liquid Acres Skirt
Style# 21339072, Blue Motif, $118
Papoose Hoops
Style# 22535728, Blue, $19.95
Linked Rings Belt
Style# 21268222, Brown, $58
Style# 20780011, Black, $79.95

Fashion Show Outfit 18 (Click HERE to view Polyvore)

Maeve Hip Cinched Blouse
Style# 21375035, Green Motif, $98
Edme & Esyllte Flurried Plumes Midi
Style# 21228580, Gold, $128
Aleppo Necklace
Style# 22921563, Gold, $48
Style# 21336789, Yellow, $48
Unknown Shoes, similar HERE
Posted by : Elizabeth Tanin