Fabulous Friday Fits | Lepidoptera Dress

8:49 AM

Hey everyone and Happy Friday! August 7th will be my 1 year Anniversary of blogging. I can't believe how fast this year has gone. Stay tuned for an Anthro giveaway coming in the next couple days!

Just in case you missed it, Reviews: Round 1 can be seen HERE. Reviews: Rounds 2 are almost done and will be up soon. I'm  still updating The Anthro Exchange. Please send me your new items or sold items.

Have a fabulous weekend!

(click to view Polyvore set)
Style# 22807150, Neutral Motif, $158
Style# 22620132, Turquoise,  $88
Style# 21154174, Taupe, $138
Gleaming Pillars Bracelet
Style# 19065192, Blue, $49.95
Style# 22870513, Turquoise, $42
Ricochets Necklace
Style# 21276415, Blue, $38

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