OOTD (Outfit of the Day) | Pleated Yoke Tank

5:41 PM

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great Wednesday.

Today my boyfriend and I went out and ran some errands. I stopped by the Anthro in Roseville just to check out their sale room. They had a lot of goodies left from yesterday's sale! I tried on Muted Shades Loafers and I just love these!!! They are super comfortable and fit pretty TTS if not a little big. I could fit my foot into a size 6 (I normally wear a 6.5-7), but I will get a 6.5. I am planning on buying these for full price if I get the job in San Francisco as a present to myself. I wanted to wear one of the tops I bought yesterday while at the San Francisco store so I decided to wear the Pleated Yoke Tank with my AG Stevies and Seychelles Bette Flat (Wedding March Skimmers).

On a side note, I am in the process of updating The Anthro Exchange (STILL...) which will be posted tomorrow, so stay tuned! If you have sold any items recently you wanted me to list, please email me and let me know so I don't post that item or if you have any last minute items you want me to post.

Deletta Pleated Yoke Tank  |  Style# 21122593  |  Red Motif  |  XS  |  $29.95  |  BUY
AG Stevie  |  Style# 19446046  |  Market  |  25  |  $99.95  |  Sold out online, BUY (other washes)
Seychelles Bette Flat/Wedding March Skimmers  |  Style# 18670646  |  Vachetta  |  $80  |  REVIEW  |  Sold out

Spinning Top Necklace  |  Style# 20256350  |  White  |  $19.95  |  Sold out online, similar HERE  

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