What I Bought | Anthro Sale | 8.16.11

7:35 AM

Good morning everyone! Did you love the sale yesterday? The Mompos Dress finally went on sale! Yah for all who were waiting. I went to San Francisco for a job interview yesterday and popped into the Anthro there to look at their sale items. Their sale room was packed! Not too crazy about the customer service though. No one said a word to me and I even asked for an SA to grab me a dress and she never even came back to the dressing room. Very frustrating and unlike Roseville's unbelieveable customer service. However, I did pick up a couple things that I have been eyeing for awhile. I plan on buying the Triple-Strap Tank as well very soon!

Did you buy anything from this sale? Are you still eyeing anything?

Here's what I bought...

The Gathering Tank
Style# 20437349
Size: S

Winner's Circle Tee
Style# 19885565
Size: XS

Pleated Yoke Tank
Style# 21122593
Size: XS

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